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Setting up a notification

Notifications make it possible to monitor particular changes as they are made in ClearPoint. This article explains how to set up notifications and notification settings. When a change is made that triggers a notification, the Alerts Inbox will increase by one in the top right corner of ClearPoint.

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

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Setting up a Notification

Click on Automation, and then Notifications in the menu beneath it. Click the plus icon to add a notification. First, give the notification a Name. Choose an element from the Element Type dropdown that you want to be notified about. Choose when to notify the recipient, e.g. when Status Equals Below Plan. You can also add additional criteria to the notification.

Next, click into the Elements and Recipients tab. Click the green link icon to add elements.  Us the dropdown menu to select the scorecard, then select the element(s) you want to be notified about. Make sure to click Save. You can link multiple elements to the notification template.

Use the Quick Map Users field to bulk add element Owners, Collaborators, or users included in a custom user picklist. You can also bulk add an individual user to all elements by typing their name in the Select Recipients field. Once you have added users, click the Quick Map Users button.

You can also manually type in users for elements by using the Select Recipients field found below each specific element. Finally, click Save.

Enabling a notification for an individual element

Once a notification template is created, you can also enable it for an individual element from it’s edit window. Any user can use this option to turn on specific notifications for an element! To do so, click into an element detail page or go to Manage [Element] from the corresponding top menu dropdown.

For this example, we will click on Manage Measures. Click the pencil icon to edit into the measure. Click into Notifications tab. Check the box next to your custom notification template. You can also select the default options to notify on Any Change, Any Edit, or Any Update here. Once you are done enabling notifications, click Save.