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Setting objective evaluations (manual and automatic)

Status indicators are helpful in determining how an objective is performing during a period. The status of an objective can be selected manually by a user, or it can be setup to automatically evaluate based on the status of elements it is linked to.

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

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Manually setting your objective evaluations

By default, objectives in ClearPoint are manually evaluated.  This means that you visit an objective, and then qualitatively evaluate whether it is on track or behind.  However, some organizations prefer to automatically evaluate objectives to ensure consistency across the organization.  Objectives are unique in that their evaluation can “summarize” performance across different element types (even other objectives) in ClearPoint.

Note: If the element is already automatically evaluated you can not update the status manually.

Updating status by inline editing on the detail page

On the objective detail page, double click on the status icon. Select a status indicator from the dropdown menu that appears.  You can then save your changes by clicking on the green check mark in the orange bar at the top of the screen.

Updating status from the Edit Element window

On the objective detail page, click on the pencil icon.  Then, in the modal window that appears, select a status indicator from the Status dropdown menu. Once a status is selected, click Save.


Automatically evaluating your objectives

Setting up your account for automatic objective evaluation

The first step in configuring your account for automatic objective evaluations is to set up the scores for your status indicators.  This step only has to be done once, and is used to weight the scores in all of the evaluated objectives in your account.  To set this up, an Administrator needs to click on System Settings and then Admin Options.

Next, click on the Status Indicators tile.  A modal window showing all the status indicators in your account will appear.

Click on the pencil icon to open the menu for an indicator. In the Score field, input a value. These values can be whatever you want. Typically, for green, yellow, red, blue, we see 3, 2, 1, etc. Click Save when you are done, and repeat this step for the other status indicators.

Note: The most positive status indicator should have the highest score, and the most negative status indicator should have the lowest score.

Configuring an objective for automatic evaluation

Once you have assigned values to your status indicators, you can set up your objective evaluations.  There are two steps to this process:  First, you need to set up the elements that this objective evaluation will be based upon (the linkages).  Then, you set up the rules for evaluation (the evaluation criteria).

Adding linkages and evaluation weights

From the objective detail page, click the pencil icon. Navigate to the Links tab and check the box next to Enable Automatic Evaluation.  If you don’t already have links set up for this objective, you can add them now.

To the far right of each linked element, fill in the Weight field with a number to indicate the importance of the linked element’s status in determining the objective’s status. The weights of all linked elements should add up to 100 (as in 100%).

If the weights do not add to 100, any remaining percentage will be factored into the score as zero. You can see if your assigned weights add up to 100 in the Total Weight field at the bottom of the window.  The score based on these weights will also be shown below the list of links.

Understanding how evaluation criteria work

The system evaluates the objective by reading the evaluation criteria from top to bottom, and it stops at the first status where the criteria is met. The criteria that do match the current score are shown with green checks and the criteria that do not match are shown with red x’s.

In this example, if the Total Score is greater than or equal to 3, the objective will be ‘Above Target’; greater than or equal to 2, it will be ‘Caution’, etc. This can be adjusted based on how the statuses were scored in Admin Options.

Setting status evaluation criteria

Once you have enabled evaluations and set up the linkages, you can set the rules (evaluation criteria) for the objective.  To do so,  click on the Evaluation Criteria tab. Click on the check box next to all status indicators you would like to use to evaluate the objective.

Use the dropdown menus to determine how each indicator will evaluate against the scoring criteria (the current score is shown with a grey background next to each status). Type in a target score value in the blank field next to the comparison symbols for each indicator.

Once all target score values have been assigned, click Save.  On the objective detail page, you will no longer be able to update the objective’s status manually as it is being automatically evaluated. The score will also appear at the top right corner of the detail page.

Note: You can display the Objective Score as a field on objective detail pages and in summary reports.