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Transitioning to the new Data Loader

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Feature available for Enterprise Plan customers

With the exciting introduction of Data Loader 2.0, we are transitioning Data Loader 1.0 out over the next year. With all the new features available in Data Loader 2.0, as seen here, making the change will allow you to upload even more data into ClearPoint. This article will walk you through the easy transition of your packages from Data Loader 1.0 to Data Loader 2.0.


1) Once logged into your ClearPoint account, go to Admin Options under System settings and click on Data Loader. Click into the Data Loader 2.0 tab.

2) On this tab, you will see all of the packages you had set up with Data Loader 1.0. You can click on the blue Download icon to download the JSON from the package’s mapping to your computer. Once you do that, save the JSON in the same folder that the Excel file used for the package lives.

3) Open the Data Loader 2.0. If you still need to download the Data Loader 2.0, click here to get setup.

4) If the Excel file and JSON file are both saved in a folder that the Data Loader is set to watch, you will see the file with the mappings already set as soon as you log in.

5) Click on Edit Mappings and select ‘Use Legacy (Data Loader 1.0) Format’. If you click into the Sheet tab, you can see the mappings are already setup from the mappings on Data Loader 1.0.

6) Schedules will not carry over to the Data Loader 1.0. To set up a schedule you will want to click into Import Options and set the schedule from there. Additionally, you can now choose to automatically push changes when the file is changed.

7) Once you have the import option set, you can save or run the file from here. You are now ready to go with Data Loader 2.0!

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