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Understanding Report Options

Admin Options

There are a few account-wide options that an account administrator controls when it comes to summary reports and PDF exports. Learn about those here.


1) Click on ‘Admin Options’ from under ‘System Settings’.

2) Select ‘Report Options’.

3)¬†‘Include Category Descriptions in Category View’ does exactly that: include your descriptions for categories when they are shown in the Category View scorecard summary report. For more information, please see this article: Adding and reordering categories

4) ‘Show Owners in Scorecard Reports’ will include the owner of each element in light gray text beneath the element name.

5) ‘Subtable Options’ sets a default for displaying the status of measure series data in summary reports (also known as a “heat map” or “matrix”¬†report). To learn how to edit status icons or colors, please see this article: Adding, editing, and reordering status indicators

6) Use the ‘Default Page Row Count’ dropdown to choose how many rows you would like to display on all reports generated. This can still be modified from the report page, but this selection will set a default.

7) ‘PDF Export Confidentiality Statement’ adds a confidentiality message to the bottom of each page of all briefing books and PDF page exports created from the account. If this field is left blank, no statement will be displayed.

8) Click ‘Save’ to finish.