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Updating your Community Dashboard

These instructions apply to organizations using a ClearPoint Community Dashboard. This article walks through how to make updates to the reporting period and information shown on your Dashboard. Performing these updates in WordPress (as opposed to having all changes immediately display from ClearPoint) ensures that you are always in control of the quality and completeness of the information displayed before publishing changes.

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When to update a community dashboard

There are a couple of instances in which you would need to make updates to your Community Dashboard:

  • You want to display changes from ClearPoint on the dashboard for the reporting period already displayed, or
  • You are updating the site to show a new reporting period’s information.

These updates function by clearing the cached files on all pages so that the most recent information is displayed. Clearing the cache does slow the loading times of your pages the first time they are visited after updating, so you may want to click through the affected pages to prevent slowing your site visitors’ user experience.

What information on the dashboard can and cannot be changed using these instructions?

The instructions below can be used to display the following updates, once they have been made in ClearPoint:

  • Changes to the content of fields displayed on the dashboard such as Analysis, Description, etc.
  • Changes to number formats or data values
  • Changes to element names
  • Changes to charts
  • Changes to the colors, icons, and names of status indicators

The instructions below cannot be used to update the following:

  • Elements that have been added or deleted in ClearPoint (these need to be manually adjusted; please reach out to ClearPoint Support)
  • Placement of elements on the dashboard

Text formatting can fall under either category, depending on the specific instance.

How to update a community dashboard

In order to update your dashboard, you first have to log into your WordPress account. Your login credentials for WordPress are different than your login credentials for ClearPoint. The ClearPoint support team will provide your WordPress login credentials to you.

To access the WordPress login page, type your dashboard’s URL in the URL bar, followed by “/wp-login.php”, so that it has the following format: https://yourcityhere.clearpointstrategy.com/wp-login.php. Enter your credentials and click Log In.

Once logged in to WordPress, click on ClearPoint in the side navigation.

Note: Your ClearPoint account name will appear here. If it does not, your API key may be expired or invalid. You can find the instructions for connecting your dashboard to ClearPoint with an API key here.

If you are refreshing information for the reporting period already displayed on your dashboard, skip to the last step. If you are updating your dashboard to display a new reporting period, under Display Settings, select the new period. Click Update.

Click Clear Cache to clear the cache across all pages on the dashboard. You will see the number next to Cached API Calls go to 0.