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Webhooks: Using Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) to integrate CPS and Asana

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Webhooks allow applications (like ClearPoint) to send automated messages to other applications. If you want to learn about Webhooks in general, check out our Webhooks Care Package. In this example, we cover using Microsoft Power Automate (formerly know as Microsoft Flow) to integrate ClearPoint with the task management software, Asana!


To get started, open Microsoft Power Automate (Flow): https://us.flow.microsoft.com/

1) Click on ‘Create’.

2) Select ‘Instant Flow’.

3) Give the ‘Flow’ and name.

4) Select “When an HTTP request is received” as the flow trigger.

5) Click ‘Create’.

6) Click on ‘When an HTTP request is received’ to make the menu expand.

7) Paste  the JSON code from the attached file into the ‘Request Body JSON’ box.

Microsoft Power Automate – CPS-Asana Webhook JSON

8) Click on the ‘New Step’ button.

9) In the search box type ‘condition’.

10) Select ‘Condition’ from the available Actions.

11) Click on the first box for ‘Choose a value’ and select ‘object’ from the dynamic menu that pops up.

12) For the comparison value, type “actionItem” (exactly as shown in the picture, with quotation marks, no space, and capital I).

13) In the ‘If yes’ box, click on ‘Add an action’.

14) In the search box, type ‘asana’ to see options related to Asana.

15) Select ‘Create Task’.

Note: At this point, you might be prompted to login and connect your Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) account to your Asana account if you haven’t already done so.

16) Select a Worskspace ID and Project ID in your Asana account in which your Action Items will be created.

17) Click on the text input field for ‘Task name’ and a list of options will appear

18) Select ‘name’ – this will make sure the name of the Action Item you created in ClearPoint is the same as the one being created in Asana

19) Click Save.

20) Scroll back to the top of your flow and click on ‘When an HTTP request is received.

21) Now the field for HTTP POST URL should be populated. Copy that URL.

22) In ClearPoint, go to System Settings > Admin Options.

23) Click on the ‘Webhooks’ tile.

24) Click on the Plus icon to add a new webhook.

25) Give the webhook a name.

26) Paste the URL you copied from Flow on Step 21.

27) Select a Scorecard in your account.

28) Check the box next to ‘Add’.

29) Click Save.

Now you can add Action Items to the selected Scorecard and they will be created as tasks in your project in Asana!

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