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Using ClearPoint and Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate (formerly know as Microsoft Flow) enables ClearPoint to send automated messages to other applications via Webhooks. If you want to learn about Webhooks in general, check out our Webhooks Care Package.

Microsoft Power Automate is an automation tool that allow you to integrate applications. In this example, we will walk through how to create new tasks in Asana when an initiative is added in ClearPoint. 

To get started, open Microsoft Power Automate. Click Create in the left hand menu. Select Instant Flow.

Enter a Flow name. Select When an HTTP request is received as the flow trigger. Click Create to add the Flow.

Click on When an HTTP request is received to make the menu expand. Paste the JSON code from this file into the Request Body JSON box. Click New Step.

In Choose an Action, select HTTP. Set the method to GET and type the URL: Select Object Id from the list.

To the right of Headers, enter accessKey and secretKey by pasting the values from the API keys in ClearPoint. This step will help retrieve information about your initiative from ClearPoint. If you still need API keys, check out this help article on Getting API Keys.

Click Add an Action. Select Parse JSON. For Content, select Body from the list. For Schema, paste the JSON code from this file.

Click Add an Action. Select Asana. Connect to your Asana account.

For Task name, select name from the list. This will pull the Initiative name from ClearPoint.


Click Save to save your Flow. Once saved, go back to the first tile. The URL for the HTTP POST will be generated. Copy the URL.

In ClearPoint, create a new Webhook. Enter a name and paste the URL from above. Under Options, select Fire on Scorecard Changes for this example. Select the scorecard you want to integrate with Asana. Under Type of Change, select Add. When you are finished, click Save.

When a new initiative is added to the Integrations scorecard, a new task with the same name will be created in the selected Asana board!


As a reminder, this is just one example of how ClearPoint can be configured with other applications for custom integrations. Learn more about Using ClearPoint and Zapier or Configuring Direct Connections and Integrations.