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Webhooks: Using Zapier to integrate with Microsoft Teams

Webhooks allow applications (like ClearPoint) to send automated messages to other applications. If you want to learn about Webhooks in general, check out our Webhooks Care Package. In this article, we cover using Zapier to integrate ClearPoint with Microsoft Teams. The same instructions can be used for other integrations via Zapier too!

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This specific example walks through how to send a chat message to Microsoft Teams when a new element is added to a scorecard in ClearPoint.

Setting up a Zap in Zapier

In Zapier, start by creating a new Zap. Under Built-In Apps select Webhooks by Zapier.

For the Trigger Event, select Catch Hook. Then click Continue.

Next, click the blue Copy button next to the Custom Webhook URL.

Adding the Webhook in ClearPoint

In your ClearPoint account, click into System Settings and then Admin Options in the Control Panel.

Select the Webhooks menu tile.

Click on the plus icon to add a new webhook. Give the webhook a name in the Name field. In the URL field, paste in the Custom Webhook URL that you copied from Zapier. Under Options, select to Fire on Scorecard Changes. Using the dropdown menu, select the Scorecards that you would like to ‘watch’. For the Type of Change, check the box next to Add for this example.

Finalizing the integration

To test the webhook, first go to the scorecard you selected in ClearPoint and add a new element.

Then go back to Zapier, and click on Find Data. Under Choose App & Event select Microsoft Teams, and under Action Event select Send Chat Message. Then click Continue.


As a reminder, this is just one example of how ClearPoint can be configured with other applications for custom integrations.  Learn about additional examples below!