Bring strategy to life in Teams

Take a peek at ClearBot, the newest integration from ClearPoint

According to a Harvard Business Review Study, only 5% of employees are aware of/understand their organization's strategy.

Clearly, the chances of accomplishing the goals in a strategic plan are significantly reduced if only a fraction of employees are even aware of them. To succeed, strategic plans (and progress being made towards the goals contained therein) need to be part of the standard workday.

With this in mind, ClearPoint is taking strategy reporting to where today's employees spend much of their time - in Microsoft Teams.


ClearPoint's new Teams integration makes it easy for everyone in the organization to access the latest data from inside of Teams and to do so using natural language. Chatting with our new ClearBot is exactly the same as chatting with another person in Teams - simply tell it what you need (such as "Show me this month's Sales Revenue") or ask it questions (such as "What percentage of customers have bought our new product?")

Here is a simple screen capture of a sample chat with the ClearBot:



In addition to making strategic goals and results more visible and accessible, the Teams integration also offers tremendous convenience for both the reporting team and everyone who is asked to update data each reporting period. Administrators can send update requests through Teams and then end users can update their information right in Teams as well.

Again, just chat with the ClearBot as with another person and tell it which report you want to update. Then, as shown in the screen capture below, enter the new data or new recommendations directly into the Teams window and the report will be updated:


Overall, the ClearPoint integration with Teams:

* Takes strategic planning and results to people right where they work
* Gets more of the organization aware of and involved in strategy execution
* Accelerates and simplifies your reporting process
* Frees up the reporting team with automated information request workflows

To learn more about the new ClearPoint Teams integration and Clearbot functionality, schedule a conversation at your convenience: https://offer.clearpointstrategy.com/clearpoint-demo

Bring strategy to life in Teams