14.5 Reporting Workflows

Webinar 56 in the "I Didn't Know ClearPoint Could Do That!?!" Webinar Series

We’re so excited to announce the upcoming release of ClearPoint 14.5! This round of new features and enhancements will focus on reporting workflows, increased automation features, and ensuring your ClearPoint process is seamless all the way from individual data entry and updates to sharing results at the big meeting. Join us on this episode of the “I Didn’t Know ClearPoint Could Do That!?!” to learn more!

Webinar 56 Transcript


  • Introductions (0:00)
  • Agenda (1:10)
  • My Updates (2:00)
  • Reporting Workflows (6:01)
  • Duplicating Workflows (12:17)
  • Reporting Workflows Dashboard (13:02)
  • Reporting Calendar (15:51)
  • Donna the Virtual Assistant (18:21)
  • Questions (19:50)

Introductions (0:00)

  • Hannah: Hello everyone, and welcome to the “I didn’t know ClearPoint could do that!?!” webinar series
  • This is a very special installment of our webinar series because today, for the first time, we will be unveiling our awesome new features coming in the ClearPoint 14.5 release!
  • But before we get started, here are your smiling hosts, I’m Hannah
    • Andy: And I’m Andy!
  • Hannah: As a few housekeeping announcements:
    • We will be recording this session and will make it available within a week
    • The webinar will last about 25 minutes with time for questions at the end
    • So you can submit your questions to… the new Q&A chat box!! This is located in the toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom window.
    • As always, any that we don’t get to, we’ll follow up with over email!
  • Now, on our last installment, we walked through our 10 favorite things about ClearPoint! If you’re curious to learn about some of the most helpful, but often forgotten features, be sure to check out that recording and transcript on our website or Vimeo channel!

Agenda (1:10)

  • Andy: Today, we’ll highlight all the awesomeness coming in 14.5, which basically screams “cool” its so awesome.
  • Hannah: Like wearing braces to prom cool?!
  • Andy: Uhhh…this is a different kind of cool
  • Andy: Anyway, today we’ll cover:
    • My Updates
    • Reporting Workflows
    • Workflow Dashboard
    • Calendar View
    • Donna the Support bot

Hannah: So again, if you have any questions you’d like us to address during the webinar, be sure to submit them to the Q&A located at the bottom of your Zoom toolbar!

  • Alright – I know we have a full agenda today, so let’s go ahead and dive right into ClearPoint. It looks like the team at Upward Air is in the midst of working through their Q3 updates! Getting data from everyone has been like pulling teeth!

My Updates (2:00)

  • Andy: I’ve been so busy trying to work through my Q3 updates. It’s just been a nightmare. First, I had to remember what we were supposed to update. Then I had to go find those elements in ClearPoint. Now, I’m still trying to work through everything! I can’t seem to remember what I’ve already updated and what elements I have left. At this point, I’d rather go to the dentist and get a root canal!!!
  • Hannah: Wow it really sounds like you’re struggling! I’m almost done!
  • Andy: What?! You’re almost done? Didn’t our manager Ted just send out the email this morning??
  • Hannah: Yes, I’m almost done, all thanks to the new My Updates view. You can think of it as a one stop shop for making your updates in ClearPoint. And maybe the key to your happiness right now!
  • Andy: Just what I needed, happiness! Forget the dentist, that was a silly joke. What I really need is My Updates! How did you get this? How can I get this!?
  • Hannah: Our manager, Ted just made this ‘My Updates’ view for us. It should be in your ClearPoint account now too!
    • The My Updates page lives under the new My ClearPoint menu in our control panel. You’ll see that we still have My Favorites (where you can view favorited items) My Scorecard (where you can view items that you’re marked as the owner or collaborator on), and My Notifications (where you can view your notifications). However, now, My Updates is front and center!
    • On the My Updates page, you’ll see all the elements you are responsible for updating for a certain reporting cycle.
    • In this Q3 Updates section, you’ll see that our lovely manager has provided us with some nice instructions that highlight which elements we need to update and which fields we need to update, among other things!
  • Andy: This is great. It’s nice to have instructions at the top of the page to make sure you’re updating the right elements and fields for that specific reporting cycle. But how is this different from My Scorecard, where you can see all the elements you own?
  • Hannah: I’m glad you asked, in this My Updates view, not only are there instructions customized for the reporting cycle, but you can actually update elements directly on the page. My Q3 updates are almost finished and it looks like I just have two elements left!
    • If we click on the green edit pencil next to my initiative ‘Create new Employee Training’, a window appears that displays the element’s detail page. From this window, I can make all my necessary updates!
    • I’ve already filled out my analysis section, but I’ll assign a status so that I comply with Ted’s instructions.
    • Once I’ve finished making my updates, I can save my work and mark the task as complete.
    • I can click the next button to move to my next element and make more updates. It looks like I still need to assign a status to this element as well! I’ll save my work and close this window.
    • Lastly, I can also mark tasks as complete from the main My Updates page. It looks like I’m all done with my updates for Q3!
  • Andy: That’s awesome! Those polar bears look about as happy as a toothless hockey player holding the Stanley Cup. Traditionally, it’s been a such a chore for our team to update data and prepare it for leadership. It can be confusing and frustrating when I don’t know when or where to update my data. This looks like it could make things a LOT easier and might be the key to my happiness.
  • Hannah: You’re so right. Other ClearPoint users will love this feature, too. From this one page in ClearPoint, users can make all their updates! ClearPoint Admins are also going to love this new feature because it also makes the process of getting through your reporting cycle better.
  • Andy: I suppose, but how did our manager Ted make all of this happen?
  • Hannah: Well, it all starts with Reporting Workflows!

Reporting Workflows (6:01)

  • Andy: Oh yeah that’s right! Reporting Workflows, being introduced in ClearPoint 14.5 are the all new, revolutionary feature that will make managing a reporting cycle in ClearPoint super easy and efficient.
  • Hannah: That sounds great Andy, but what do Reporting Workflows actually do? How do they work?
  • Andy: All great questions. Reporting Workflows allow admins to create the My Updates page, provide users with update instructions, send out coordinated emails, and track users as they make their updates. Reporting Workflows are powerful and bring together some already familiar ClearPoint features. But, let’s break it down and walk through the workflow our manager made together.
  • Andy: To view the workflow, we’ll need to go to the Control panel and open up the automation menu. This is a new menu that contains our new Reporting Workflows, but also Notifications, Reminders, and Schedules. Notifications and Reminders are the same as they were before, but Schedules comes with an awesome new beta feature that we’ll revisit at the end of this webinar.
    • After opening up the automation menu, we’ll click into Reporting Workflows. We can see our Q3 Strategy Updates reporting workflow built by our manager. Let’s open it up to look at the key aspects of this workflow.
    • On this tab, we can see the important criteria that go into defining your reporting workflow! Below the name, we see the period that we’ll be making updates to. Since our Q3 ends in September, this is the period we’ll make updates for.
    • Being able to select the reporting period here means that our updaters will no longer be confused by which period they need to enter data in. From the My Updates page, they’ll automatically be entering data into September of 2020!
  • Hannah: That’s great, especially since we have a quarterly reporting frequency. But,  what are those Start and End Date fields? And why are they required? Didn’t we just select our reporting period?
  • Andy: That’s a good question. You can think of these as when the reporting cycle starts and when all of your updates are due! The start and end dates also determine when this workflow will appear on the My Updates page for our users.
  • Hannah: Oh, I see. So our end date will be like the due date! I see our manager wants these updates by October 9th so that they can have time to review the data and make sure our reports look great for the quarterly meeting.
  • Andy: Below the start and end date, we’ll see which users are included in this workflow. Those responsible for updates at our company are marked as owners. However, if you use the collaborators field or another custom user picklist field to mark who is responsible for updating the data, you could select that field as well!
  • Hannah: That’s super helpful. I know some organizations have people who are considered responsible for certain elements in ClearPoint but don’t necessarily update the data all by themselves, so it’s nice that you can include multiple user fields in a workflow. But you know what else is nice – we can include instructions right here in ClearPoint!
  • Andy: That’s right, now your users will see custom instructions right at the top of their ‘My Updates’ page to help guide them through the process of updating their elements.
  • Hannah: As an updater myself, I can already speak to how helpful this is in making my update process more clear and ensuring the quality of my information!
  • Andy: On the scorecards tab, we’ve defined what elements need to be updated for the Q3 review. Since it’s the company wide quarterly review, we’ll only be reviewing the top level Upward Airlines elements!
  • Hannah: That’s great that you can customize which elements are included in the workflow, but let’s not forget about the last important step – Workflow Emails!
  • Andy: That’s right, how could I forget! Workflow Emails! It looks like our manager has set up and scheduled two separate emails. To edit the workflow emails, we can click on the green edit pencil. However, we can also preview the emails by clicking the blue carrot to the far right.
    • We can see who will be receiving the email, the body of the email, and the schedules!
  • Hannah: Wow, this preview functionality is great! But can you break down the body of the email? What are all those squiggly brackets, they look like spelling mistakes!
  • Andy: Those are far from spelling mistakes! They’re actually called ‘tokens’ and make workflow emails especially powerful. The days of sending generic email blasts from Outlook or creating dozens of individual emails for those who haven’t filled in their data are long gone!
    • These tokens customize the body of the email based on the user. Each user gets their own personalized email, including their name, the right reporting period, a list of everything they are responsible for, and a link to their My Updates page!
  • Hannah: Wow a link to the My Updates page, right in the workflow email? Incredible! ClearPoint users now get one single link in their inbox, to one single page in ClearPoint, to make ALL their updates!
  • Andy: That’s right! And it looks like more than one email is set up as part of this workflow. Our manager created an initial email to notify everyone that ClearPoint is open for updates. This email is scheduled for the first day of our reporting workflow. But it also looks like we have a second email.
    • This second email will only send to those who haven’t finished their updates a few days before the end of our workflow or when updates are due!
  • And remember all of this is running automatically. No more pulling teeth to get your users to make their updates!
  • Hannah: Wow, I can’t imagine how much time this will save our ClearPoint Admins.
  • Andy: Oh, this will save Admins so much time. We are talking about putting hours, not minutes, back into your day around reporting cycles! With all this extra time on their hands, ClearPoint Admins might actually have time to floss.

Duplicating Workflows (12:17)

  • Hannah: Speaking of saving time, it looks like we can duplicate reporting workflows. Andy, could this be used to plan out all of your reporting cycles for the year?
  • Andy: Hannah, how did you know, that’s just what the duplication button was built for!! After creating their ideal workflow, Admins can simply duplicate the workflow by clicking on the teal duplication icon. From this window, Admins can adjust the workflow name, reporting period and start and end dates. 
    • The rest of the workflow criteria will be copied into the new workflow. Even your workflow emails and schedules will automatically adjust based on the workflow’s end date!

Reporting Workflows Dashboard (13:02)

  • Hannah: That reporting workflow was mind blowing. It’s easy to see how using a reporting workflow and the duplication process would save Admins time and make the overall updating process better for end users. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Introducing the reporting workflow dashboard
    • It doesn’t look like much yet, but this workflow dashboard gives unparalleled visibility into your reporting cycle. This workflow dashboard feature shows Admins where their users are in terms of getting all their updates in for the reporting period.
    • First, this pie chart shows you the overall completion of the updates across your workflow. When a user marks one of their reporting tasks as complete, the % of tasks completed will increase.
    • Next, in this line chart you can see exactly how many tasks have been finished, and when people have completed them. This chart is particularly helpful for seeing your progress over time and when most of your updates are being completed.
    • Below, you can see which users are included in the workflow as well as their individual progress. You can even send ad hoc emails from within ClearPoint if an individual user hasn’t completed their updates. You can send that email by clicking on the blue mail icon on the right. You can then customize the message and send yourself a copy!
    • You can also mark users’ tasks as complete from the dashboard. You can either mark all the user’s tasks as complete by clicking the green check box to the right of their name or open up the users tasks and individually check certain items
    • Overall, we get high level visibility into the progress of the reporting workflow, while being able to drill down into the details of individual user progress.
  • Andy: Wait… I don’t think the gravity of this new feature has hit me yet. You mean to tell me rather than creating filtered summary reports based on blank fields to try and figure out who’s not done yet, you can simply come check your Reporting Workflow Dashboard. Managing has never been this easy!
  • Hannah: That’s right Andy, those who have been using ClearPoint for a while know that it’s one thing to schedule email reminders to automate their reporting process, but it’s an entirely different thing to know whether or not people have completed their updates or tasks in the system. And that’s what this workflow dashboard allows you to do.
  • Andy: This feature totally changes the game. Long gone are the days of chasing users down for their updates or showing up to meetings with empty reports or missing data! The visibility you get using reporting workflows is revolutionary!

Reporting Calendar (15:51)

  • Hannah: Andy, speaking of unprecedented visibility, didn’t you mention something about a beta feature in Schedules?
  • Andy: I sure did!  Let’s take a look.  If I navigate to Automation, then Schedules, you will see a new menu in the upper right-hand corner.  If I click on it, we are greeted with a brand-new view called our Reporting Calendar view.
  • Hannah: So we added a calendar to ClearPoint?  What was wrong with Outlook or Google Calendar?
  • Andy: At first glance, yes, this is a calendar.  But if you take a closer look, you will see there is so much more going on.  This isn’t a simple calendar–it is your reporting calendar and all the moving parts that come with it, all in one place!
    • It all starts with an automatic Data Loader upload on the 1st of the month.
    • On the same day, our Q3 Reporting Workflow begins, with our initial Workflow Email sending at 8 AM.
    • We can also see our best practice follow up email coming a few days later, letting users know they have just one more day to get their data in!
    • At the completion of the Workflow, we have our draft Briefing Book, generated on a schedule and sent to our manager for review.
    • After he makes any necessary changes, our pre-read report is distributed to the entire leadership team.
    • We then have our leadership meeting on the 14th.
  • Hannah: Out of curiosity, what time is that meeting?
  • Andy: I think it is scheduled for tooth-hurty!
    • The very next morning, our reporting cycle is complete when our action item report is generated and distributed to the team so that everyone can go out and get their stuff done before the next month!
  • Hannah: This should look very familiar to those of you who’ve taken a look at our all-inclusive management reporting guide in the past.
    • We are all for making the reporting process simpler and a big part of that is observing best practices like sending well timed reminder emails, pre reads, and action item reports when the meeting is over.
    • That can be a lot to keep track of, so this new view will be any busy manager’s best friend for keeping tabs on all their moving pieces.
    • I know it is my best friend already!
  • Andy: Hannah that hurts.  I thought I was your best friend…
  • Hannah: There is always next webinar, Andy.
  • Hannah: Anyway, this feature will be available as a beta feature.  If you would like it enabled for your account, please reach out to us and we can get it turned on!

Donna the Support Bot (18:21)

  • Andy: So I know we’ve covered a lot already, but there is one more exciting surprise coming in 14.5 who we want to introduce to you today.
  • Hannah: Who?  Like a person?
  • Andy: Yes–who like a person!  I would like to introduce everyone to Donna, our new support bot in the lower right hand corner.  So not really a person, but she does have a friendly smile, pearly white teeth, and really wants to be your friend.
  • Hannah: She can be your best friend, Andy.
  • Andy: Perfect!  Now we can both have best friends.
  • Andy: Donna is an AI powered support bot that will appear for all non-premium support users.  When you ask her a question, she will scan our help documentation to find the answer you are looking for.  She will also use the questions users ask over time to get smarter and smarter, so the answer to any quick “how do i” questions is only a few clicks away.
  • Andy: For example, let’s say I couldn’t remember how to add a series to my measure.  I can simply say “add measure series.” She’ll provide a couple options and when I find what I’m looking for, I’ll see some quick instructions in the chat, or I can click the link to visit the appropriate help article in our support center!
  • Hannah: Donna’s like the tooth fairy! Except instead of giving you a nickel, Donna will leave you with all the answers to your ClearPoint questions!

Questions (19:50)

Hannah: Speaking of questions, we’d love to use our remaining time today to open up the floor for your questions!

Question 1: 

  • Andy: Richard wants to know…when will these features be available for us?
  • Always a good question!  We are working hard and testing 14.5 thoroughly at the moment to ensure a smooth release for all our clients in November. The specific date will be announced as we get closer.

Question 2: 

  • Hannah: Stacy asked, Can I have more than one active workflow?
  • Yes, absolutely!  For many organizations, we know you have multiple reporting processes in motion at any given time.  If users owe updates for more than one RWF, they will see both under their My Updates view!

Question 3:

  • Andy: It looks like Claire says, this is HUGE, in all caps! No question, but we really appreciate the feedback!

Question 4:

  • Andy: Another question from Magali, asking if Donna will be available for end users and if it will be available in Spanish.
  • It will be available for end users. So anyone who does not have premium support will see Donna. Anyone that has premium support will continue to see the same in-app chat feature that we know many of you love to get in touch with our award-winning support team!
  • As far as it being in Spanish, I think we’ll have to look into that. Unsure of some of the translation stuff at the moment, but we can definitely take a look.

Question 5:

  • Andy: Looks like Laura wants to know about using custom user fields in workflows. She said they have a measure field called KPI Champion and wants to know if that user can be used in My Updates.
  • Absolutely!  Any user picklist custom fields will be available when setting up your workflow.

Question 6:

  • Andy: A question about plans.
  • These features, reporting workflows and my updates, will be available for Pro and Enterprise. Donna will be available for Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.

Question 7:

  • Andy: Another question about what this will look like for measure owners.
  • So if we go back into ClearPoint, and go to My Updates, and we edit one of our measures. So basically what users see in this window are what they see if they were to visit the detail page of the element. It’s bringing out the same layout, with the same fields and in the same order and everything.
  • And they can double click on any of the update fields to their updates. So they should still see their data table and their chart as well, if those are included on the detail page.

Question 8:

  • Hannah: It looks like there is another question here, asking if the recording of this presentation will be made available.
  • Yes, it will be made available on our website.

Question 9:

  • Andy: Looks like another question, about having access to the development site as a sandbox.
  • Absolutely! Your account manager from ClearPoint, from our Custom Success team, should be in touch about scheduling a personal demo and they can also give you access to our sandbox so you can get familiar with these new features and see how they will fit into your reporting process.

Hannah: Alright, well it looks like we’ve answered all your questions for now! Thanks for taking the time to check our 14.5 features! We hope you can now confidently say ‘I DID know ClearPoint could do that!’. See you next time, and Happy Reporting!