Streamlined and Simplified PHAB Accreditation

Streamlined and Simplified PHAB Accreditation

The benefits of accreditation by the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), the only national accreditation program for public health departments, are substantial – per a 2021 survey, PHAB accreditation helps:

* Stimulate quality improvement (95%)

* Improve accountability and transparency (89%)

* Improve the capacity of the department to provide high quality programs and services (85%)

* Strengthen the health department’s relationship with key partners in other sectors (e.g., healthcare, social services, education) (78%)

* Help the health department use health equity as a lens for identifying and addressing health priorities (73%)

* Increase the extent to which the health department uses evidence-based practices (68%)

* Strengthen the utilization of resources (68%)

The good news is that software exists that make both initial accreditation and subsequent reaccreditation simpler and easier. ClearPoint software has over a decade of proven benefits – now updated to Version 2022 PHAB Standards & Measures!

Join us for a fast-moving 30-minute overview of PHAB requirements and how modern reporting software streamlines and accelerates the accreditation process