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ClearPoint is more than just software—it’s the team behind the software.

We understand the management reporting challenges you’re facing. (In fact, we write about them as much as possible to help out!) Our goal is to help solve any challenges you have to help you make decisions quickly.

ribbon Premium Support

With ClearPoint’s premium support package, you get access to all the exceptional features and support resources that come standard with ClearPoint, plus:

  • A dedicated support representative.
  • Priority email support within four hours.
  • Telephone support.
  • In-app messaging live with a support expert.
  • Web-based training sessions.

  • Help configuring custom charts.
  • Help creating calculated fields.
  • Data sourcing support.
  • Proactive calls and an annual account check-up.

Our ClearPoint Customers

“Fantastic customer service as usual, she did a great job resolving our issues immediately. Having instant access to effective customer service is huge!”

POSTED October 2, 2017

“They recognized that I had an issue with the briefing books BEFORE I did this morning. The support rep reached out right away and asked the right questions to gather information that would help him fix the problem VERY quickly. You guys get it with customer service and timely communication! GO ClearPoint!”

POSTED September 29, 2017

“Zero wait time for an effective response.”

POSTED September 22, 2017

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Captera User Reviews 5*

“I’d like to share with you what a great team you have built at ClearPoint. I’ve specifically worked with Jenna, Joseph, Catherine, and Andy over this last year and have been impressed by all of them. Their intelligence, responsiveness, ability to teach and explain without making me feel like I’ve asked a stupid question, and overall poise is not found everywhere and I’m glad to work with them.”

Shannon B., Globe Union

“Every time I have a little software issue, the ClearPoint team is ON IT with constant communication, updates and the right solution. I really appreciate how quick the team is with support. I can’t wait to brag to our leadership team what a good choice we made in choosing ClearPoint for our needs.”

Tracey B., American Association of Critical-Care Nurses