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Adding attachments and uploading files to ClearPoint

External documents can be uploaded to ClearPoint to provide additional context for parts of your strategy.  It can be helpful to have all your information in the same place! This article shows how to add attachments and upload files to detail pages and exported reports in ClearPoint.

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Adding Attachments

From the appropriate dropdown menu, select the detail page where the attachment will be added. If the Attachments field is not on the page, add it to the layout by clicking the Edit Layout option next to the edit icon. Pull Attachments out onto the page, and click Save. Double click on the Attachments field to upload new documents. Here, you can add PDFs, images, or office documents by dropping the file or selecting it from your folders. Each file can be up to 10 MB in size.

Once attachments have been uploaded, they will be listed in the field. To make changes to the attachment, edit the attachment. If you would like the attachment to appear in only one period, un-check Show in all periods and select a period from the dropdown menu that appears. If the attachment is a PDF file, it can be included in PDF page exports and Briefing Books. To include it, select this option. When finished, click Save for the attachment followed by Close.

All attachments are available (depending on permissions) to be deleted or downloaded on the Attachments page under Documents in the Control Panel.

Uploading Files

Click on the Documents section of the Control Panel. From the options that appear below, select Uploaded Files.

A list of all of the previously uploaded files will appear. To find files, use the search bar at the top of the page.

You can also filter out files uploaded by other users by un-checking the box next to All Users.

To upload a new file, click the Upload icon. Here, you can either drop PDFs, images, or office documents into the field, or click to upload them.

If you would like this attachment to be available to a specific scorecard, choose one from the dropdown.

Once the files are uploaded, they will appear in the list. Files can be downloaded by clicking on the blue download icon. To delete files, click the red delete icon next to the file. You can also delete in bulk using the checkboxes on the left, followed by the Delete Multiple option in the upper right hand corner.