Adding, editing, and re-ordering status indicators | ClearPoint Strategy

Adding, editing, and re-ordering status indicators

Admin Options

By default, ClearPoint comes with four status indicators: ‘On Target,’ ‘Caution,’ ‘Below Plan,’ and ‘No Information.’ These can be edited to meet your organization’s needs or replaced with icons of your own. Learn what is possible in this article.


1) Click on ‘Admin Options’ from under ‘System Settings’.

2) Select ‘Status Indicators’. A new window will open.

3) Here you will see the four default status indicators.

4) Click the Add icon to add a new indicator.

5) To edit a new or existing status indicator, click on the Edit icon.

6) The ‘Status Name’ field determines how the status indicator will be displayed through your account.

7) The ‘Score’ field is used for automatic objective evaluations. For more information, please see this article: Setting objective evaluations

8) If you would like to use a custom status indicator, check this box and select an image file from your computer (24×24 pixel PNG or JPEG images work best). Otherwise, select which default icon should represent this status type.

9) In matrix measure summary reports, series status can be displayed as a color. Use the color picker or type the hex code of the color under ‘Custom Status Color’.

10) Pick which types of elements will use the status indicator.

11) Reorder status indicators by clicking and dragging them into the appropriate order.

12) When finished, click ‘Save Order’.