Adding plot bands to charts | ClearPoint Strategy

Adding plot bands to charts

Plot bands in the background of your chart to provide a visual display of status for series data. For example, if a measure currently has a red status, this will help you see how red it is.  Ready to take your chart to the next level? Follow the instructions below!

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

From the measure detail page, double click on your chart to open the chart editor window. Click on the Advanced Options tab on the left. To enable plot bands, click the check box next to Add Plot Bands. A Plot Bands section should appear. Click on the Add Plot Band button.

Click on the color picker icon or insert a hex code to select a color for your plot band. The From field determines the minimum value for the plot band on the y-axis and the To field determines the maximum value on the y-axis. Click on Refresh Preview to make sure your plot bands line up how you would like them to in the background of your chart.

Repeat these steps to add additional plot bands.

If you would like to delete a plot band, click the red X icon.  When you are satisfied, click Save.

Woo hoo! The plot bands give us a great sense of how our measure is performing from just one glance!