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Administering Data Loader 1.0 in ClearPoint

While the Data Loader lives primarily on your personal desktop, it now has a second home in the Admin Options section of the ClearPoint web app as well!  You can manage packages, manually upload, or change the owner in seconds.  Learn about everything that is possible below.

Warning: This feature is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Note: This help article only applies to Data Loader 1.0. Please check out the newest version of the Data Loader here.

1) Go to System Settings, Admin Options.

2) Click on the “Data Loader” icon. A window will open.

3) In the window that opens, admins will see all the packages that exist in their account, who owns them, and what type of file it is.

4) If you have many packages, use the Filter bar to narrow down the results. You can filter on package name, owner, file type, or schedule names.

5) Packages can be deleted using the trash icon.

6) Packages can also be duplicated using the copy icon.

7) Tell a package to run by clicking the rocket ship.  The next time the scheduler runs on the machine where the package is located (every 5 minutes), your package will upload.  Please ensure that the scheduler service has access to the directory where the file is located. Also, ensure that the machine is turned on. Both of these must be true in order for the upload to run.

8) To edit your package, click the edit icon.

9) Here, you can edit the name of a package.

10) Move the package to another computer or server from here. Please note that it must match exactly.  Not sure what the name of your machine is? Check out this help article.

11) Change the owner of the package from here. Updaters and above can upload packages.

12) Specify the filename here.

13) You can also see any schedules that have been set up for that package.

14) Save changes to the package by clicking the “Save” button.

15) Save all packages by clicking the final “Save” button.


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