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ClearPoint 12.5 Release Notes (June 2019)

We have some exciting updates to share with you in our release of ClearPoint 12.5! Learn about all the new features and functionality that have been added to ClearPoint in this help article. You can also check out our 12.5 sneak peak webinar and our blog posts on leveraging peer measure sharing for benchmarks and updating your strategy! Want to learn more? Email us, at with any questions!

Peer-to-Peer Sharing & Measure Library

 The new and improved Measure Library allows member organizations to automatically pull peer data into your account for live benchmarking! The library can be organized into custom groups by request and helps eliminate double data entry by integrating benchmark data into your regular performance reporting.

  • Shared Series: Automatically pull peer data into your account for calculations, charts, and one-off benchmarks.
  • Custom Groups: Create and join groups to share and leverage data with select peers.
  • Integrate ClearPoint with Benchmarking Platform: Eliminate double data entry and utilize benchmark data in your regular performance reporting.
  • Timestamps: Find recently updated measures by sorting on ‘Last Updated’ in the Measure Library.

Check out our comprehensive Peer-to-Peer Sharing guide for full instructions on getting started with and effectively using the updated Measure Library!

Template Scripting

Template Scripting allows you to make repeatable, typically time-consuming changes across your account quickly!

Create reusable templates to save time on common tasks such as:

  • Add identical objectives to department scorecards
  • Edit charts for multiple measures
  • Edit summary reports across multiple scorecards
  • Bulk update initiatives based on same criteria
  • Edit all user settings at once
  • Add new measures or jurisdictions to benchmarking account
  • Plus many more!

Let us know if there is a task you repeat often and we’ll see if it can be scripted! Check out our support article for how to get this set up here and then reach out to our support team at for assistance.

ADA Compliance

We want performance management to be to be easy and efficient for everyone, regardless of ability. And now with ClearPoint 12.5 it is! 

  • Increased accessibility according to WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508 and AODA through new optional plug-in called accessiBe.

Find out how to navigate this new plugin in our ClearPoint is ADA Compliant support article, and let us know if you want this enabled for your account!

User Interface Enhancements

We’ve a few changes to the interface to make ClearPoint even more user friendly and customizable!

  • New Collaborators Field: A new design should make this popular field even easier to use.
  • Duplicate Periods: New controls will help prevent accidental addition of duplicate periods.
  • Master Measures Chart Options: Users can now successfully select a Custom Chart JSON Template, as well as ‘Clear JSON’ to start over, for Master Measure charts.
  • Strategy Map Size: We have allowed for greater flexibility so that strategy maps can take up more space on the page.
  • Image Display: A slight tweak of the image display cookie configuration will allow for user uploaded images to display over multiple sessions online.

Calculations and Evaluations

There are a few awesome upgrades to calculations and evaluations that will take your data to the next level. 


You can say goodbye to your exporting frustrations with these helpful improvements.

  • Excel Exports: Collaborators and other multi-picklist fields included in a summary report will now display information in a list separated by semi-colons (rather than spaced out within the cell) when exported to Excel.
  • Custom Gantt Widths: Provides the ability to adjust the width of the ‘Name’ section of the Gantt chart to include full initiative and milestone names for PDF exports.

Content Security

We are constantly improving ClearPoint security and eliminating any possible threats – no matter how small!

  • Invalid Content Policy: Increased security for values entered into HTML fields will notify users if the HTML structure is a potential security risk.

Want to take this list with you? Click here to download a PDF version of the ClearPoint 12.5 Release Notes.