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Connecting the Data Loader 1.0 with SQL data sources

Warning: This feature is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

Note: This help article only applies to Data Loader 1.0. Please check out the newest version of the Data Loader here.

If you are configuring a SQL script as the source file, there are a few more steps that you must complete in order to set up the data connection for this package.


1) Select the desired script as the source file. This should be a .sql file.

2) Make sure SQL is selected as the Package Type.

3) Click on the ellipsis to the right of the data source dropdown to establish the connection.

4) Clicking the ellipsis will launch the SQL Connection Wizard.  First, select the data source.

5) Next, select the appropriate data provider.

6) Click OK.

7) Once the data source has been selected, you will need to configure the connection to the data source.  Shown below is the data source configuration screen.  Please note that this will vary depending on your data source.

8) To test your connection, click on “Test Connection” in the bottom left.

9) To finish, click OK.

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