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Creating and using a calculated field

Admin Options

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

This article describes how to create calculated fields, which allow you to display series as columns in summary views. Values will only show up in a calculated field if the series included have the same name. Series data can be referenced from measure, initiative, milestone, action item, and risk data tables. The other way to display series in summary reports (regardless of name) is by using the Series Status column to create a heat map or matrix. 


Creating the calculated field

1) Click on ‘Admin Options’ from under ‘System Settings’.

2) Click on ‘Calculated Fields’.

3) Click on ‘Add Calculated Field’.

4) Give your calculated field a name.

5) Select a data type. If ‘Default’ is selected, the values for each measure will retain the data type for that measure.

6) Use the ‘Series Name’ and ‘Aggregation’ dropdown menus to select the values to include in your calculation for each measure. Then, click ‘Insert’ to add them to your calculation.

7) Use the operator buttons or your keyboard to add operators to your calculation as necessary.

8) By clicking the Test button, you can test the calculation for a particular scorecard and reporting period. Learn more in the section below.

9) When the calculation is complete, click ‘Save’.

Testing the calculated field

1) Once you click the Test button from step 8 above, you will see the Test Calculation field appear. Click Preview to see up to 25 results from a scorecard for the calculation.

2) Use the Select Scorecard dropdown to choose a different scorecard to see the results for the calculation.

3) Use the Select Period dropdown to choose a different period to see the results for the calculation.

Using the calculated field as a column in a summary report

1) Navigate to the summary report where you would like to use the calculated field. This must be a custom (as opposed to default) summary report.

2) Click the Edit Report icon.

3) Click on the ‘Columns’ tab.

4) Click ‘Add Column’ to add the calculated field to the report.

5) Search by name or use the dropdown menu to the right of the search bar to filter by field type.

6) Check the box next to the name of calculated field to the columns in your report.

7) Click Save and then Save again.

Your calculation will appear as a column, as shown below. The default settings for whether a status color, icon, or no indicator is displayed can be set in your Report Options.