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Displaying a data grid in a scorecard summary report

The format of scorecard summary reports allows you to pull in other summary reports alongside the other information on the page – a great way to summarize executive-level information. The field type necessary for this is called a Data Grid. This article walks you through creating a data grid field and selecting the information to display in it for your report.

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

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Creating a data grid custom field

To create a data grid field, click on System Settings and then Admin Options. Click on the Custom Fields tile.

Stay on the Scorecard tab since in this example the data grid field will be displayed on a scorecard summary report. Click on the plus icon to add a new Custom Field. Give the field an appropriate name in the Name field. For the Field Type, select Data Grid. Make sure to click Save when you are finished.

Using the data grid field in the scorecard summary report

To access the newly created data grid field, click on Scorecards in the top navigation and then Manage Scorecard Reports. Click the pencil icon next to the report.

Note: Data grid and other custom fields cannot be used on Reference layouts.  You can determine if a layout is a reference layout by the presence or absence of the blue Reference label.

In the layout editor, drag and drop the new data grid custom field into place. It is optional to manage the field-specific settings for the scorecard summary report/landing page by clicking the pencil icon next to the data grid field. When you are done, click Save.

From the Manage Scorecard Reports page, click on the name of the report. Double click on the data grid field. Click the pencil icon that appears on the right side of the field.

From here, use the dropdown menus to adjust the summary report that displays in the field. From the Select Scorecard dropdown select the referenced summary report’s home scorecard. For Element Type, select the type of summary report. Finally from the Report dropdown menu, select the name of the summary report.

Click the green checkmark at the top of the page to save. The summary report specified is displayed in the data grid custom field, as shown below.

Note: If you double click into the report, you can make inline edits and updates directly from the data grid!