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Displaying a data grid in a scorecard summary report

Feature available for Professional Plan and above

The format of scorecard summary reports allows you to pull in other summary reports alongside the other information on the page – a great way to summarize executive-level information. The field type necessary for this is called a Data Grid. This article walks you through creating a data grid field and selecting the information to display in it for your report.


Creating the data grid field

1) Click on ‘Admin Options’ from under ‘System Settings’.

2) Click on ‘Custom Fields’. A new window will appear.

3) Click on the plus icon to add a new Custom Field.

4) Enter the Custom Field name here.

5) Ensure that ‘Data Grid’ is selected from under ‘Field Type’ for this specific report.

6) Click ‘Save’.

Using the data grid field in the scorecard summary report

7) Click on ‘Manage Scorecard Reports’ from the ‘Scorecards’ dropdown menu.

8) Click the Edit icon next to the report.

Note: Check the labels on the report you select to make sure there is not a blue ‘Reference’ label. This will let you know that the report has the standard layout type.

9) Drag and drop the newly created data grid field onto the layout.

10) Optional – Click the edit Pencil next to the data grid field to manage the field-specific settings for the scorecard summary report/landing page.

11) Click ‘Save’.

12) Go to the scorecard summary report page and double click on the data grid field.

13) Edit into the green icon that appears on the right-hand side. Going forward, you can always adjust the report displaying from here.

14) Select the home scorecard, element type, and name of the summary report that will be referenced using the three dropdowns.

15) Click the Save icon at the top of the page.

The summary report specified is displayed in the custom field, as shown below. If you double click into the report, you can make inline edits and updates directly from the data grid!

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