Explaining pod visibility options | ClearPoint Strategy

Explaining pod visibility options

ClearPoint gives you a high amount of control and flexibility as far as who can see your information and when. You have the option to hide individual pods in online view, print view, or when published, as well as hiding pods by user permission level.

From the detail page, click on Edit Layout from the Edit dropdown menu. A new window will appear. Click the pencil icon next to the pod. Selecting Hide pod in print view hides the pod in PDF page exports and briefing books. Selecting Hide pod in online view hides the pod when ClearPoint is in Presentation Mode. You will see a yellow rectangles appear at the right of the pod indicating that it is hidden in online and print view.

Selecting Hide pod when published hides the pod when you publish your information online.  Please note that attachments included in published reports will be accessible to visitors of the page.  Please publish your sensitive information with caution! Select the most restricted type of user who can view the pod using the Hide pod by level dropdown menu. The default visibility by level is set so that all users (excluding no access users) can view the pod. Repeat this for as many pods as necessary. Then, click Save.