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Exporting charts to PowerPoint or PDF

Any chart in ClearPoint can be instantly exported in a PowerPoint or PDF. See how this is done with Dashboard Reports below.

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Exporting Charts to PowerPoint or PDF

From the Dashboard you would like to export, open the dropdown menu next to the pencil icon.

Select Export to PowerPoint or Export to PDF to instantly export your dashboard of charts.

Depending on the size of the dashboard, the PowerPoint or PDF can take anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple minutes to generate. Once it is ready, you can download the file. Alternatively, you will also be notified by the notification bell. Click on the bell icon to open the Alerts Inbox.

Click the download icon to download the file.

Exporting charts to single pages in PowerPoint

You can also export custom built Dashboards so that they display just one chart per slide, instead of the default four charts per slide. Create a new Measure report, and title it ‘Large Dashboard’. From the Report Type dropdown menu, select Dashboard. From the Dashboard Size dropdown menu, select Large Charts. Click Save when finished. Now when this Dashboard is exported in PowerPoint, it will display one chart per slide.