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Getting Started with ClearPoint

We’re so excited that you’re using ClearPoint! Click on any link to explore our series of videos and articles to help you get started. Happy reporting!

Logging into ClearPoint
The first step to using ClearPoint is to login! Any user with a username and password can login on ClearPoint’s login page. We recommend bookmarking this page so you can get to it easily when you need to log in to ClearPoint.
Navigating ClearPoint
Navigating ClearPoint is easy using the Control Panel, Top Navigation and Breadcrumb. Here’s a quick tour!
Adding Objectives
Objectives are the high-level statements that help provide a clear path to success for your organization. Learn how to name and describe your objective, assign an owner, and add multiple objectives at once — a real time saver.
Adding Measures
Measures are vital to tracking how your organization is performing. Adding measures, naming them, linking them to an objective, and changing their reporting frequency are crucial steps to getting started.
Making Edits and Updates
In this video, you’ll learn how to make edits — and how to distinguish edits from updates — in ClearPoint. This includes how to make edits and updates on detail pages and summary reports.
Updating Charts
Charts are a great way to visualize your data in ClearPoint. Here are some tips to help you configure your charts.
Layouts and Summary Reports
In this video you’ll learn the simple process behind changing layouts and summary reports in ClearPoint. You can select and arrange fields on any page, and create custom reports to display all the information you need.
Project Management
Tracking your initiatives or projects is easy in ClearPoint. This video will show you how to add an initiative, select start and end dates, and create milestones — which will all then be built automatically into a Gantt Chart.
Exporting Your Reports
Every page in ClearPoint can be exported to PDF — this video will show you how. You will also learn how set up a template for easy report creation in the future and how to generate a Briefing Book.
Being an Administrator
Being an account administrator in ClearPoint is simple. In this video, you will learn how to add scorecards, users, custom fields, and more to get the data and reports you need.


Want a copy of this to take with you? No problem! Download a PDF version of our ClearPoint Getting Started Guide.

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