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Using the image library in your account

Images uploaded to ClearPoint can be accessed from the Image library in the Control Panel. This article explains this page as well as how to upload images and add them to HTML fields.


Uploading Images to Library

1) Under the ‘Documents’ section of the Control Panel, select ‘Images’.

2) A list of all of the previously uploaded images will appear. These will include images that were uploaded directly to the Image library and from HTML and Image fields. To find files, use the search bar at the top of the page.

3) You can delete images from the image library by clicking to Delete icon. If you delete an image from the Image Library it will no longer show up in your account.

4) You can download previously uploaded images to your computer by clicking the Download icon.

5) You can toggle to view the images as thumbnails.

6) To upload a new image, click the Upload icon.

7) Here, you can either drag and drop PNG or JPEGs into the field, or click to upload them.

8) Once the image is selected, click ‘Upload’.  This image should now appear in your Images library.

Adding Images from Library to HTML fields

1) Double click on an HTML field to upload an image.

2) Click the Image icon in the HTML editor. A window will open.

3) Click ‘Choose’ from the top menu to add an image already uploaded to the Image library

4) Select the image you would like to add to the HTML field.

5) After selecting an image, the window will close and the image will be added to the HTML field.

6) Save your changes.

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