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Transitioning from Master Measures

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Feature available for Enterprise Plan customers

Master Measures will be retired in order to make way for Bulk Changes, the new and improved way to make standardized changes across your account. This article will cover how to transition from Master Measures and what to expect in ClearPoint 14.0 regarding existing Master Measures.

Why the change?

Master Measures was our first foray into how could we facilitate making sweeping changes across your account simultaneously. Master Measures were effective at applying changes to linked measures, and their measure series, however they required significant setup. Furthermore, Master Measures could only make changes to measures, measures series, and charts. Our new solution, Bulk Changes, addresses these pain points and more. Making changes across your account, and across different elements, has never been easier.

What about my existing Master Measures?

Even more good news. All your existing measures that were linked to a Master Measure have all been tagged. This means that these measures are all grouped together and changes can be applied to them simultaneously and easily through Bulk Changes.

Bulk Change scripts that cover the features of Master Measures and more will already be in your account upon the 14.0 release. Additionally, should you decide that new measures need to be added to this Master Measure tag, it is easy to tag new elements with the tag already created for you. Learn more about Tags and its applications in this article. The most important takeaway: there is no need to prepare your existing Master Measures or create anything new in anticipation of the retirement of Master Measures; all of this has been taken care of for you.

How do I use Bulk Changes to make changes to my Master Measures?

It’s very simple. Since the Bulk Changes scripts have already been created for you, we’ll cover how to run a Bulk Change script. In this example, we’ll walk through how to change the Series Data Type and add a new Tag to a measure series. First, navigate to Bulk Changes. You will see the Bulk Change scripts already created.

Next, select the changes you want to make this group of measure series.

Finally, run the Bulk Change Script so that these changes are applied throughout your account.

Where do I go from here?

You’re all set! We recommend reading the related articles on Tagging and Bulk Changes below. However if you have further questions, please reach out to or your account manager. Both will be able to help with your specific needs.

Master Measures vs. Bulk Changes

Master Measures Bulk Changes
Can Change Measures, Series, and Charts Objectives, Measures, Initiatives, Milestones, Action Items, Risks, Series, and Charts
Actions Adding, Editing, Deleting Adding, Editing, Updating and Deleting
Locking elements Have to link measures No linking needed. Keeps objects flexible for future changes
Requirements Planning in advance Better supports ad hoc changes

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