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ClearPoint Strategy is an easy to use Balanced Scorecard Software and Performance Management Software solution that helps organizations manage performance

ClearPoint helps organizations translate strategy into action by managing strategy review meetings, automating performance management dashboards, and tracking key projects. By coordinating all the little tasks you need to keep track of, ClearPoint makes it easy to manage strategy.

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ClearPoint Strategy Management and Balanced Scorecard software helps your leadership team make better decisions. It's web based, so everyone on the team always sees the whole picture. And it's affordable, starting at only $50 per user per month, with no expensive configuration required.

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Performance Management Software

ClearPoint gets your entire organization on one page, so you can make decisions about your strategy based on the most current information. Interactive Balanced Scorecard briefing books that work online or off make meetings productive.

Balanced Scorecard Software

ClearPoint allows for almost unlimited flexibility in visualizing your performance management reports. Combo charts? No problem. Want to have fifteen different ways of looking at a piece of information? No problem. Want to completely change your layout? No problem.

Project Management Software

While making meetings more productive is great, the real work happens between meetings. Are projects on track? Have milestones been met? ClearPoint project management software keeps you on top of projects so you can focus on strategy.

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