10 Reasons We Love ClearPoint (& You Will Too)

Here’s why we think ClearPoint is the best strategy reporting solution on the market
10 Reasons We Love ClearPoint (& You Will Too)
Here’s why we think ClearPoint is the best strategy reporting solution on the market

You’ve read about why we created ClearPoint. Curious now about what sets ClearPoint apart from the others? Here’s why we think ClearPoint is the best strategy reporting solution on the market.

1. ClearPoint’s an all-in-one strategic planning, project management and reporting software.

Measures show you how you are doing, and projects show you what you are doing.  If you are going to achieve your goals, you need to be able to track both in the same system.  ClearPoint allows for an unlimited number of calculations, evaluations, and chart customizations for both KPIs and projects. In ClearPoint, your projects, KPIs and goals are linked and aligned so that you can see how they affect one another and can easily share updates across your team in a matter of minutes.

2. ClearPoint’s easy to use.

Our goal is to help you save time, so we’re committed to making ClearPoint easy to learn and use for you and your team. We use consistent icons and actions throughout the system so that once you get to know one part of ClearPoint, the rest will come intuitively. We also make sure you’re set up with the tools and support you need to help you and your team be successful in the software. You can even try ClearPoint out for free before deciding if it’s right for you!  

3. ClearPoint support is just one email, phone call, or screenshare meeting away.

Our support team is the best in the business - you’ll have your own account manager to help you get started with a custom implementation plan based on your team’s needs and goals. Our team members have a passion for performance management and great technical skills. We love partnering with our customers to solve problems quickly so that you can focus on executing on your strategy, not fighting with a software tool while trying to create your reports. Our team’s average response time to customer requests is 96 seconds across all channels. Hear it from our customers themselves. Check out our more than 60 reviews (on G2 and Capterra) giving praise to our awesome customer team. 

4. ClearPoint gives you the insight you need to act BEFORE it’s too late.

Buzz Buzz.  Is that an Instagram update?  No, it’s ClearPoint telling you that your departments have submitted their project updates and more than 20% of projects are off track across the organization.  Now that you have the alert, you can start planning corrective action.  Looks like it will be a good management meeting this Friday! ClearPoint will automatically send a report with all the projects that are off track as a pre-read so that your discussion can focus on how to get your projects back on track.  

5. With ClearPoint, you have the power to customize reports and dashboards so they are perfect for your organization.

Yes, you can use ClearPoint off the shelf, many of our clients do. We recognize that everyone prefers different colors, styles, images, etc. and may even have to adhere to brand guidelines for their organization. You can easily customize many parts of the tool so that it’s truly your own. Upload your own status icons like smiley/frowny or thumbs up/down icons.  Add any custom field type to any element and use picklists and tokens to pull data from other parts of ClearPoint. ClearPoint can support any strategic framework, regardless of how you report on it. And you don’t need any technical knowledge to make it happen.

Build custom reports: Do you like to see your measures with 3 historic periods, some qualitative analysis, a link to action items, and filtered on yellow and red results, in portrait mode?  No problem, ClearPoint will send it to you every Friday at 3 PM, just as you requested.  Would you rather have a list of your projects, sorted by priority, showing the end date and percent complete as well as the measures they are influencing?  ClearPoint can do that too. The options for creating reports are unlimited (and you can have an unlimited number of reports, that all update automatically as you update data).  

Managing in a matrix: While your company is still organized in departments, your leadership team has decided to report by theme, so multiple departments are now contributing to “innovation.”  How do you create that innovation report without completely redesigning your reporting? Leverage ClearPoint Tagging to label information by theme, filter on the tags, and create that report you need in minutes.  You can tag every element, and every element can have multiple tags, so “% of sales from new products” will show up in your innovation report as well as your sales and product development reports.


What You See in ClearPoint Is What You Get out of ClearPoint.  If you change a chart or a layout on a page or create a new report filtering on a custom picklist, it prints or exports exactly like what you see on the screen.  This allows you to print your strategic plan and progress in achieving it.  We pride ourselves on great reports, for multiple audiences, generated on a schedule or on your command.

7. We’re always releasing new features and improving existing ones.

We take feedback very seriously and are always trying to make ClearPoint better for our customers. We do two major releases every year (check out our latest release here) and make ongoing updates to the software to ensure we’re supporting your strategy at the highest levels. Don’t worry, we don’t make changes without communicating them with you. Our detailed release notes and Support Center ensure that you are always up to date with new and improving features.  

8. The integration options are endless – sometimes your organization needs other tools, and that’s okay!  

Our Data Loader and open API make it easy for you to integrate with the tools you already use. You don’t have to choose between ClearPoint and Excel or Power BI. Use them together to create an easier and more streamlined reporting process.

ClearPoint’s Data Loader allows you to easily import and export data from Excel sheets and CSV files and build SQL queries. You can load a full scorecard or a list of hundreds of projects in only a few minutes.  Just map the spreadsheet to areas of ClearPoint and load.  With the Data Loader, we set up a hospital with over 900 measures across 40+ scorecards in under an hour.

Do you live in your spreadsheet?  So can ClearPoint. ClearPoint can watch a directory or folder, and when you make changes to your file, it sees the changes and updates immediately.  This ensures your data is always up to date in ClearPoint.  If you prefer a schedule, the Data Loader can run SQL queries and load data from XLS and CSV files at any time interval you specify (weekly, monthly, quarterly, you name it).  You get a notification when the updates are made.

9. We care about your data security as much as you do.

Your data is stored in a SOC certified data center.  You can easily set up single sign on, manage password complexity, handle all user permissions, or restrict access to your account. We do penetration tests before every major release, twice per year and are keeping up with, and passing, industry standards with regards to security, audit logs and access in ClearPoint.  It is your strategy after all!

10. We’re here to be your partner, not just a vendor.

You’ll always have access to a wide variety of resources, from e-books like our Strategy Execution Toolkit to events like our annual summit and monthly webinars. We’re here to support you with more than just software and want to make it as easy as possible to connect you with your peer community through best practice sharing, ongoing discussions and case study sharing. We’re here to partner with you on your strategy execution journey, every step of the way!

Whether you’re just starting your search for software or you’re ready to make a decision, we’re glad that ClearPoint is on your list! We’d love for you to join the ClearPoint Community of strategy management experts, so reach out to us if you have any questions. We’ll figure out if ClearPoint is the right tool for you.  

We’re changing the way the world manages.

10 Reasons We Love ClearPoint (& You Will Too)

Sean Callison

Vice President of Sales & BBQ Master

Sean is the Vice President of Sales at ClearPoint. He leads the Sales department and focuses on developing impactful, consultative sales teams.