Automate your business reporting and improve decision-making

How much time is your organization wasting every month creating reports? ClearPoint can automate your business reporting ensuring nothing gets in the way of executing the strategy.

business reporting

Automate your strategy reporting

ClearPoint is built to save you time and increase the quality of your reports.  No more wasted time, chasing down data and analysis. We’ve automated the process.

Realtime Data Collection
Auto-Status Evaluations
Scheduled Reports
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“ClearPoint makes managing our Strategic Plan very easy, and tying performance measures and action items to our tactical actions is fantastic."

Jeff M.

DeputyTechnology & Innovation Director

Bring your budgets to life with better reporting

Our budgets come to life by combining data and charts with analysis, and alerts to departments on their spending vs targets.  No more guessing what worked and what didn't, as you move through the year.

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"Embrace the technology! I love that everything is in one place to view metrics,initiatives, project management and more!"

Michelle S.

Independent consultant
business reporting

Do more with your quarterly business reviews (QBRs)

ClearPoint provides structure for your business reviews and allows you to combine projects, measures, and qualitative information, for a productive quarterly review. Our AI tools are able to provide you with real-time insights and recommendations in seconds.

Project Tracking
Formatted Reports
Action Items
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