Local Government

 Actively network and share best practices around strategy execution with our local government community.


Keep your residents informed about progress in achieving your goals.

Public Dashboards

Your residents want to see progress.  Share your results from ClearPoint with one click.


Public safety occurs in Public Works, Parks, Transportation, and other areas.  Ensure your efforts are aligned to produce the best results.

Council Reports

Give visibility to your elected officials so that they can champion the progress you are making. Generate your custom reports on a schedule.


No matter what type of report you are managing, we can support you


We handle all frameworks and allow you to create and manage custom fields and branding to meet your needs.


Our ARPA template allows you to track spending and structure reports to meet the Treasury reporting guidelines.


Showcase how you manage progress and track recommendations from assessors to deliver measurable results.


Learn from each other about the best ways to measure and execute strategy

Measure Library

Leverage our library of live data to create new measures across your organization, and benchmark against the best.


ClearPoint hosts local and national meetings driven by customers to share best practice results.  Participate in person or remotely.

Advisory Board

New features are guided by industry experts to ensure ClearPoint is always meeting your needs.

Case Studies

Learn how ClearPoint has helped organizations like yours