Utilities & Energy

Manage the challenges of generation, transmission, and distribution of energy all in one place.  Track your internal and external projects as well as support services.


Strategy and regulations can work together

Customer Management

Show regulators and customers how you are improving services and managing costs.

Strategic Initiatives

Put the great ideas from your strategic plan into practice.

Specialty Reports

One dashboard for your metering and kWh tracking.


Keep your systems up-to-date by tracking all of your projects

IT Upgrades

Manage the endless amount of technology upgrades in one place.

Support Services

Implement your change management and process improvements with one view.


Track all of your engineering activities and improvements in one place.


Track your customer satisfaction information in one place

Call Center

Monitor the effectiveness of your call center.


Track overall and transactional customer satisfaction.


See the relationship between service delivery and satisfaction.

Case Studies

Learn how ClearPoint has helped organizations like yours