Healthcare Payors and Providers

Healthcare Payors and Providers


The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing, and you need a system that can change with you.


Track the important information in each department or unit to drive real results.


Leverage project management capabilities within ClearPoint to keep track of progress and tie investments to results.


Get alerts and drive discussions through ClearPoint’s integration with Teams and email.


Ensure all aspects of your organization are moving in the same direction


Track each location and department with a set of measures that roll up to a number and status


Leverage calculations and evaluations to see where your problems are as well as your great successes.


View information from different angles and drill down to the underlying data to see what is working and where you need help..


You need different reports for different audiences, all based on the same data

Health Outcomes

Track the quality of your work in meaningful ways. Health departments can track Assessments and Improvement Plans (CHA/CHIP)


Ensure your expenses are matching your reimbursements. Import from your financial systems and leverage ClearPoint tagging and filtering.


Track your adherence to PHAB and other standards.  Ensure you have the data to report on what is required of you.

Case Studies

Learn how ClearPoint has helped organizations like yours