Before ClearPoint, dashboarding was an expensive, inflexible, and time-consuming process. Now create stunning visualizations and share those dashboards internally and externally, in record time.


Visualize your data with state-of-the-art charts

Our world-class charting flexibility allows you to present data in the way that is most helpful for your team to understand what is going on and inspires everyone to take action.

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Gantt Charts
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OKR Charts
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“Perfect program for data visualization alongside program planning!"

Hanna A.

system administrator
Summary Reports

All-in-one platform for amazing reports

Our report wizard allows you to build custom reports that leverage data and filters to share the most important information across your organization.

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Project Reports
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"With ClearPoint I can enter data, analyze trends and help create a data driven organization. It is easy to use, and the ClearPoint team canhelp us create custom reports that support our specific needs."

Mark D.

City planner
Public Dashboards

Share your results with your key stakeholders

Visualize your data externally in a format anyone can easily digest. Decide exactly what data gets shared and when with our interactive dashboards.

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