Project management software for strategic alignment and execution

Projects are where strategy happens. Unfortunately, organizations often fail to see the big picture, and end up working on initiatives that are not linked to their overall goals. Don't let your projects derail your strategy.
Get control with ClearPoint.

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Showcase project contributions

Project management is essential to executing strategy. ClearPoint makes it easy to see how projects contribute to measures and goals.

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Project Reports
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"From the get go, ClearPoint set themselves apart by treating the pitch process like we were already a client. The client success process is key to getting people ready to maximize the utility of the system and their 'on the fly' brainstorming of solutions helps keep progress happening."

Nikolas G.

strategy Manager

Always know where you are

Leverage dependencies to adjust your projects easily.  Roll up milestone progress to the overall project, and filter by what is due this month. You can also track your project finances and chart out all your data.

Milestone Rollup
Track and chart spending
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"Outstanding product and service. From our first sales call to my use of the product yesterday, I have had an outstanding experience. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is engaged in strategic planning."

Carrie C.

Chief Advancement Officer
Project management

Link your projects to your strategy

Projects are where you spend your money. Make sure your strategic initiatives are aligned with your goals, so that all of your resources are being put to good use.

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Linkages to Goals/KPIs
Portfolio Management
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