ELGL Traeger Awards – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Many ClearPoint customers were recognized in this years ELGL Traeger Awards.
ELGL Traeger Awards – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
Many ClearPoint customers were recognized in this years ELGL Traeger Awards.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: A time when we get to celebrate the accomplishments of our amazing customers! Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) recently announced the winners of the highly coveted Traeger Award. The ELGL Traeger Award recognizes the top 100 local government influencers. This recognition is peer-nominated and one of the most coveted honors in the local government community.

The award’s namesake, Chris Traeger from the popular TV show, Parks and Rec, epitomizes the enthusiasm, passion, and all that is good in local government. So, when many of our own customers were recognized as top award winners, well, we weren’t surprised!

Just take a glance at the award winners’ nominations below. You will want to celebrate with us – literally!

Athens-Clarke County, GA

Josh Edwards, Assistant Manager

Three words to describe Josh: Humble, Kind, Insightful

We have had the privilege of partnering with Josh in areas related to strategy and performance management while he was with the City of Durham, and now with Athens-Clarke County and through ELGL. He is always kind and thoughtful. His experience and knowledge, coupled with his humble approach, fosters tremendous respect among his peers. And he’s generous with his time, which is why it wasn’t surprising when he jumped at the chance to serve as a mentor for the ELGL and ClearPoint Strategy Cohort. We can’t say enough about how amazing Josh is!

City of Edmond, OK

Natalie Evans, Management Analyst

Three words to describe Natalie: Genuine, Knowledgeable, Involved

Natalie is a Management Analyst at the City of Edmond, OK where she works on municipal records retention and research, issues city licenses and permits, and works on special projects for the City Manager’s Office. She is a jack of all trades who, as part of the CMO, helps to run the City’s strategic planning efforts. Natalie has helped create a repeatable and successful reporting process to keep the City aligned on their strategic initiatives and goals. She has done an impressive job of advertising department successes within the City and continuing to drive those successes forward. Natalie also led a discussion on strategic planning for local governments during COVID-19, which you can find here.

Town of Morrisville, NC

Erin Hudson, Strategic Performance Manager

Three words to describe Erin: Passionate, Resourceful, Responsive

Erin joined the Town of Morrisville, NC over five years ago and currently serves as the Town’s Strategic Performance Manager. In her role, she has jumpstarted the focus on strategic planning and has worked across the organization and alongside departments to engage others in the process. Erin is very humble in her approach and it is apparent that she has a heart for local government.  

Arapahoe County, CO

Laura Mazur, Strategy and Performance Analyst

Three words to describe Laura: Collaborative, Ambitious, Hardworking

Laura Mazur has been a Strategy and Performance Analyst at Arapahoe County over the past three years. During this time, she has never shied away from a challenge, always thinking about how she can better the County. Laura helps to manage their County strategic plan scorecard that is shared both internally and on the County public facing dashboard. Recently, she launched a Performance Management Community within Arapahoe County. This Community consists of one representative from each department at the County and allows for collaboration and sharing of best practices at their quarterly meetings. Laura is always hoping to involve others at Arapahoe County in Performance Management to make sure everyone's voice is heard.

City of Vaughan, ON

Christina Coniglio, Manager, Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Measures

Three words to describe Christina: Exceptional, Genuine, Kind

Christina serves as the City of Vaughan’s Manager of Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Measures. In her role, she led the City in its development of Vaughan Vision and designed and manages their strategic planning framework. She also leads the City’s corporate business plan process. A professional accountant with a green belt in Lean Six Sigma, Christina has a passion for process improvement and is always willing to share best practices and lessons learned with her peers. In 2020, Christina took on new responsibilities to support the City’s efforts to respond to COVID-19. Even with a heavy workload, she still found the time to serve as a mentor for the ELGL and ClearPoint Strategy Cohort providing support to others in their strategy and performance management journey.

City of Tamarac, FL

Laura Karpaviciute, Assistant to the City Manager

Three words to describe Laura: Thoughtful, Heartfelt, Ambitious

Laura is the Assistant to the City Manager at the City of Tamarac, FL. She has done an incredible job driving forward the City’s strategic plan throughout her 8 years of service. Her passion and enthusiasm for the success and betterment of her community is contagious! Laura also jumps at the chance to give back whether it is sharing her journey with others in local government or serving as a mentor in our recent ELGL Strategy Cohort. She is generous and kind and that is reflected in all she does.

City of Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ingrid Kindbom, Assistant Structural Innovation Manager

Three words to describe Ingrid: Innovative, Genuine, Giving

Ingrid has been with City of Fort Lauderdale for seven years, promoting innovation in strategic planning, data, and process improvement. She is also an expert in the LEAN methodology, integrating that approach in process improvement for the City’s operations. In all of her work, Ingrid brings a positive energy and genuine excitement for strategy and performance management. Ingrid also seizes any opportunity she can to give back, being one of the most active members of the ClearPoint Community!  She has served in an advisory role to our Community and recently volunteered as a mentor for the ELGL Strategy Cohort.

City of St. Albert, AB

Nicole Duley, Communications Advisor/Corporate Planning Advisor

Three words to describe Nicole: Responsive, Dedicated, Collaborative

Nicole joined the City of St. Albert, AB over seven years ago as an Economic Development Summer Student and has risen in the ranks to Corporate Planning Advisory. In her role, she is responsible for designing, developing, implementing and maintaining corporate planning systems and processes related to business planning, performance measurement, reporting and risk management. This includes working with the City’s leadership and corporate project leads. Nicole collaborates with a number of corporate areas, such as financial services, human resources, communications and IT, to ensure that systems are approached holistically. With her depth of experience, Nicole is a terrific contributor to the ClearPoint Community and is always quick to help others in local government.

City of St. Albert, AB

Melanie Humphrey, Corporate Data Analyst

Three words to describe Melanie: Committed, Resourceful, Hardworking

Melanie serves as the Corporate Data Analyst for the City of St. Albert, AB. – a position she has held for over three years. Her background is truly impressive, having provided business intelligence, forecasting, and analytics, strategic business decision-making support, data warehouse systems modernization advice, and input into disaster recovery and business continuity planning efforts in a variety of environments. Melanie is an accomplished, hardworking individual, who is open and willing to share with others in the field. Even during a turbulent year, Melanie has been able to handle unexpected new work and still commit to the City’s strategic plan.

This isn't the first time that our customers were recognized for their achievements. Check out the list of 2019 Traeger award winners for even more inspiration! We are proud of each and every award winner and can attest to their passion and love for local government. To all who were nominated, we congratulate you!

ELGL Traeger Awards – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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