Edenor is a utility company that distributes energy to over 9 million residents in Buenos Aires city. Their staff of 4,800 employees not only distribute energy to residents in their respective regions, they also help residents understand their energy bill and the rates that accompany it.With ClearPoint, Edenor transformed from a tactical thinking organization to a strategic one. The visibility and alignment ClearPoint provided brought Edenor to the place they've always dreamed of: a place where employees understand their role in the strategic plan, leadership has the information they need to easily make strategic decisions, and the data collection process is seamless.

Ready for Change

In 2017, Edenor finally found themselves in the favorable situation they had been waiting for. They had delayed strategic planning because their rates were frozen. Now that rates were unfrozen and they knew their income, the company was ready to plan for the future. Their decision to develop long-term goals and a formal reporting process was pushed back on initially due to a lack of organizational culture.

First: Identifying Organizational Culture

Without strategic goals and processes, Edenor suffered in executing on their strategy and performance management efforts. The lack of alignment on strategic goals in the company meant that teams were unaware of their contribution to the strategy. This lack of transparency and alignment caused some teams to take on more expensive projects that weren't contributing to the established goals of the company. Taking away funds that were set aside for strategic projects, this culture only continued to misalign the company's budget and strategy.

In addition, the team's lack of understanding corresponded to a lack of engagement. Data collection was a difficult and cumbersome process. Leadership faced hurdles trying to get accurate and timely data to drive decision-making. Without the proper information, leadership became unengaged in making strategic decisions or enforcing strategic execution - it was difficult to see what the point was. This lack of buy-in only continued to trickle down, causing a poor cycle that drove low engagement and poor strategy culture.

Next: Changing Culture with ClearPoint

They knew they needed a change. With a desire to focus on projects to help them meet long-term goals, Edenor implemented ClearPoint to shift culture, drive engagement, and meet their strategic goals. The Steering Committee took on the project of helping lead the company towards strategic thinking and decision-making. This committee discussed and approved their first Business Strategy Map that detailed Objectives, KPIs, reporting frequency, and established owners for each objective to drive accountability.

Their Human Resources team also aligned each individual objective for departments to organizational objectives, so that departments and teams could understand their contribution to the wider company goals. This insight allowed teams to understand that the projects they were working on mattered, and the work they do on the ground is important to driving success.

This alignment and transparency trickled through the rest of their reporting process. Data collection was sped up with ClearPoint's time-saving automation features. With ClearPoint, the team could easily validate data, meaning now they trusted the data they had in reports. Reports were also generated quickly. Leadership had everything they needed to make strong decisions.

As leaders saw the success of ClearPoint, more and more senior executives wanted to jump in and utilize the tool themselves. Now, Edenor is managing their goals and objectives seamlessly in ClearPoint. The company has a plan that's easy to track. The shift in culture has allowed Edenor to expand their horizons and drive the company toward its strategic goals.