Moving Your Mission Forward: A Conversation with Raphah Institute

Thursday, January 14, 2021 | Virtual Event

Moving Your Mission Forward: A Conversation with Raphah Institute

Join us on Thursday, January 14th, for a Lunch and Learn with Raphah Institute founder, Travis Claybrooks, and ClearPoint Strategy!

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Your organization has a vision, and maybe even a plan for accomplishing it. But in order to realize that vision, you need to actually execute on your plan.

Travis Claybrooks, CEO and Founder of Raphah Institute, joins us for a lunch and learn to share the challenges he faced in bringing his vision to life, how he and his team overcame them, and where they are headed now.

Founded by the drive to heal communities, Raphah Institute is a non-profit that repairs social harm in communities through confronting its root causes. The non-profit achieves this mission in many ways, and partners with judges, police officers, and others to take on 30-40 criminal justice cases a year. In these cases, Raphah Institute assists in building conversations between youth who committed a crime and those the crime impacted.

During our Q&A with Travis, he’ll break down the process of articulating your organization’s vision, explaining the tangible steps you can take to make your vision a reality. By changing Raphah Institute’s focus from creating a strategy, to executing on their strategy, they’ve been able to make real change – and others are noticing. Raphah Institute receives many requests from other people and organizations who want to help expand and accomplish their vision, leading to increased funding and impact.

We have a great lineup of questions for Travis and are excited to hear your questions as well. Join us on January 14th for what is sure to be a thrilling, motivating and inspiring conversation.

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