Advanced calculations, evaluations, & charting for strategic success

Automate calculations, aggregations, and evaluations to quickly convert data into insights. Use AI to identify problem areas and create real-time recommendations.


Supercharge the data you already have

ClearPoint’s advanced calculation engine allows you to get more out of your data.  By updating your underlying data once, you will see all your data update across all departments.

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Unlimited Formulas

Write any formula with ease using our calculation wizard.


Aggregate status indicators and data for a quick picture of results.


Compare your organization to others using our live benchmark library.

"The perfect program for data visualization alongside program planning! The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate."

Hanna A.

System administrator

Red, Yellow, Green Status Indicators

Customize your status indicators with colors and shapes for Goals, Measures, and Projects.  Track your progress over time, at a glance.  Automate your indicators to save time.

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Set individual criteria for each element to automatically turn red, yellow, or green.


Thumbs up or happy faces are better for you? Great, we can handle it. (You can also use construction cones or whatever you want.)


See your status overtime or in a chart? ClearPoint can do it.

"From the getgo, ClearPoint set themselves apart by treating the pitch process like we were already a client. The client success process is key to getting people ready to maximize the utility of the system and their 'on the fly' brainstorming of solutions helps keep progress happening."

Nikolas G.

Strategy Manager

Bring your data to life

ClearPoint automatically builds charts for your data. You can set default charts that match the brand of your organization or customize charts for different data types.

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Fully Customizable

Control every aspect of your chart with our robust charting engine.


Create different dashboards for each department to ensure success is measured clearly.

Spark Charts

Create simple charts to highlight the most important part of your data sets.