Real-time collaboration tools for effective strategy reporting

Collaborate with your colleagues in real time with on-page discussions, @mentions, workflows, reminders, notifications, and our Microsoft Teams integration.


Stop chasing down your information

Instead of spending hours emailing, calling, and asking for information, let ClearPoint automate reminders, providing easy access, and coaching people to update their information with ease.

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Reporting Windows

Set your reporting window, automate the process, and ask only for what you need.

My Updates

Users will have a simple list of what they need to update, and can add all their information from one place.

Tracking Dashboard

You can track progress and work together to make sure nothing gets in the way of strategy success.

“ClearPoint provides the foundation as we continue to evolve and advance the way we track and communicate strategy across our organization and to our community."

Ryan L.

Business practice leader

Don’t let your strategy surprise you

ClearPoint will remind you of key deadlines, alert you to problems or changes, and inform you when your time and attention is needed on your strategy.

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Automate reminders to your team before it is too late, so they have time to make their updates or review information before a key meeting.


Ensure Strategy execution by receiving push notifications when an element is off track or needs your attention.


When someone mentions you in a discussion about strategy, receive the update immediately so you can respond in a timely manner.

“Great product and team to work with. The system is easy to manipulate, there hasn't been anything that we couldn't do so far."

Rob S.

Mid-market strategist

Collaborate with your team in real time

Most organizations fail to achieve their strategic goals because their goals get ignored for too long.  Bring your goals to life by actively collaborating on achieving them.

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Have active discussions on detailed and summary pages, when you are mentioned, you will receive an alert.

MS Teams Integration

ClearPoint is integrated with Microsoft Teams to bring strategy to where you spend much of your time.


Receive a digest of changes and requests each day so you can react to your strategy in real time.