Getting your organization to buy in to strategy execution with Johnson County, KS and Edmond, OK

Learn proven approaches to reach organizational buy-in from two of our ClearPoint Community members.

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MOF - Middle of Funnel

You have a strategic plan, or you are working on one that will be rolled out soon. The time, care, and effort you put into creating it will hopefully produce a well-thought-out plan that guides your company smoothly into the future. But that’s only half the battle. The other half is in the execution. In order for the plan to work, it must engage everyone equally. Strategic plans aren’t just for the strategy office or the leadership team. They require the help and buy-in of everyone in the organization. As we've said before, nine out of ten organizations fail to execute their strategy. A common reason for this failure is because the strategy never becomes fully integrated into the fabric of the organization. From leadership to departments to teams and individuals, the message “strategy is everyone’s job” should be reinforced frequently and in a variety of ways.In December, we released the e-book, How to Make Strategy Everyone’s Job, as a guide for organizations struggling with buy-in. We also hosted a virtual idea session along with its release as a first step of engagement around this topic. Now, we teamed up with two of our local government ClearPoint Community members to outline two different practical and proven approaches to reach that crucial organizational buy-in. Learn from Chris Kelly, Health Information Manager at Johnson County, KS, who shares the County’s organic journey from organizational buy-in to the county-wide adoption of a performance management model. Also learn from Natalie Evans, Management Analyst with City of Edmond, OK, who shares communication and engagement strategies that have proven effective in creating a culture of performance management at the City.