ClearPoint Embed Codes: Charts, Dashboards and Sharing Data

Manage your data direct in ClearPoint and watch your ClearPoint charts update.
ClearPoint Embed Codes: Charts, Dashboards and Sharing Data
Manage your data direct in ClearPoint and watch your ClearPoint charts update.

There are a lot of data management tools available. If you’re a public sector organization, you likely use a different tool for GIS data, 311 data, your website, your projects and your strategy.

Each one summarizes data for your citizens to see, but it can be a hassle to pull all the information into one place. Luckily, ClearPoint embed codes allow you to share data stored in ClearPoint alongside data in other published materials. You can embed your ClearPoint chart right next to your GIS map on your website!

Using ClearPoint Embed Codes

Sharing data with ClearPoint Embed Codes is easy. In ClearPoint, just pick the chart that you want to share, enable the embed code, and copy the code. Then, paste the code in the site where you’d like the chart to appear.

screenshot of clearpoint bar chart with embed code

Refreshing and managing data

Once your chart is embedded in your website, intranet site, ESRI dashboard, etc., you’ll be able to manage the data that shows up from inside ClearPoint. Each month or quarter you enter new data in ClearPoint. After you’ve reviewed and approved the data, you can update the published charts all in one click (or individually if you want to).  Your charts will show the updated data wherever they are published.

If you decide that a chart is irrelevant or that you’re no longer tracking the data, you can easily disable the embed code. This will remove the chart from any place where it is published. No need to go searching for it in your many dashboards!

Here’s our chart, embedded right from ClearPoint.

Check out our support article for the step-by-step instructions for getting started using embed codes.

More Data Sharing!

There are many options for sharing data from ClearPoint if you want to share more than just your charts. Community Dashboards, HTML publishing and briefing books are great ways to share data with different stakeholders, depending on how they like to view information.

ClearPoint Community Dashboard

If you don’t have a hub for your data yet, you can share information from ClearPoint on a ClearPoint Community Dashboard. You can pull any qualitative or quantitative information from ClearPoint onto a WordPress site, designed to your specifications. You can also embed information from other sources like your GIS maps or links to submit 311 requests.

Check out the City of Fort Collins, CO and City of Olathe, KS dashboards!

ClearPoint HTML reports

All pages can be exported from ClearPoint as HTML reports. You can post them to your public facing website, link to them from your intranet site, or send the link out in an email as a meeting pre-read. You can schedule your HTML reports to update each month or quarter as data is updated, and you can even send an automated reminder email from ClearPoint to your users to read the report. HTML reports are interactive just like ClearPoint. Anyone viewing an HTML report can drill down into linked elements that you've included in the report.

The City of Charlottesville, VA and the City of Baytown, TX both share their results with the public using HTML reports.

charlottesville dashboard with measure data and chart

Briefing Books

Sometimes, a good old PDF report is the best way to go. Briefing books can include any pages from ClearPoint and can be scheduled to generate depending on your reporting calendar. You can send them out to a group or you can leverage ClearPoint Webhooks to save them to a folder in your shared drive. Briefing books are clickable so that viewers can easily navigate from a summary report to a detail page, as long as it's included in the report.

However you decide to share your data, make sure you have an easy way to update it each month and remove it when you archive measures.

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ClearPoint Embed Codes: Charts, Dashboards and Sharing Data

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