State Spotlight: Florida

See how ClearPoint software informs strategies and inspires communities in Florida.
State Spotlight: Florida
See how ClearPoint software informs strategies and inspires communities in Florida.

Florida is a state with a diverse and complex governmental landscape. With over 400 municipalities and 67 counties, it can be a daunting task to manage and measure the performance of local governments in the Sunshine State. Fortunately, ClearPoint strives to provide local governments with the tools they need to manage their strategic plans and improve their performance. Through its partnerships with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Florida Department of Health, ClearPoint is present among all 67 counties. This series will explore a wide variety of applications across the country by highlighting case studies, Community Dashboards, and strategic methodologies throughout specific regions.

Create a culture of transparency in your community with our three-layer website dashboard template.

ClearPoint can be customized to fit any strategic planning framework. Consolidating data and managing reporting cycles is made efficient and easy through automation. ClearPoint also houses several resources for local governments, among them tips for securing funding, properly reporting ARPA spending according to Treasury guidelines, and tracking progress towards Baldridge excellence. Linking projects, budgets, and metrics to strategy in ClearPoint allows for both internal alignment and external transparency throughout municipalities, inspiring data-driven decisions that further elevate missions.  

Our Community Dashboards are a data visualization tool that present objectives, KPIs and measures in an easy-to-understand format. By collecting and displaying data from various sources, these dashboards provide local government officials with a real-time view of the health and performance of their organization and allow cities and counties to uphold Sunshine Laws and inspire their communities.  

ClearPoint dashboards are special because they are:

  • Mobile responsive: They reach a broader range of residents on the device they prefer.
  • Highly customizable: They can match the brand of the organization by adding city colors, icons and more.
  • Easy to update and publicize: Once your data is in ClearPoint, you don’t have to enter it anywhere else, you can refresh it on your website in few clicks.

The ClearPoint Community lets local governments leverage benchmarking data, join professional networks, and share best practices to inform their strategies. Our Advisory Board members, including Floridian Sharrice Blackmon (City of Fort Lauderdale, FL), embody ClearPoint’s core values and enrich our robust community by providing feedback to our team and engaging in events.

Let’s take a look at how some of our Florida clients are currently leveraging ClearPoint to drive performance improvements:

City of Fort Lauderdale

The City of Fort Lauderdale partnered with ClearPoint back in 2012 to help facilitate data input, reporting, and increase viability. They shifted from siloed data to a cross-functional approach which required departments to communicate effectively in order to achieve objectives that they set out for themselves.  


Fort Lauderdale is home to around 180,000 residents, making it an important task to measure their strategic plan, and make their efforts visible to these residents. This City of Fort Lauderdale Dashboard pulls in data that the city selected from ClearPoint into the public-facing website, and the design was customized based on the city's needs.  

The City of Fort Lauderdale’s dashboard displays its six strategic goals.

When clicking into any of the City of Fort Lauderdale goals, residents can dive deeper to get more detailed information on the overall status of how these measures and goals are performing.  

City of Coral Springs

The City of Coral Springs began their partnership with ClearPoint in May of 2019 to help manage their already well-defined strategic plan. This plan held measures and projects linked to five high-level strategic goals. With the help of ClearPoint, they were able to add the KPIs and projects tracked over the past 10 years and create reports that showcased them over time. In recent years, they have added their new fiscal year projects, each of which track key milestones, start and end dates, operating and capital budgets, and budget, percent complete, and time statuses.

The City tracks their current projects on a monthly basis, updating the time status and budget status depending on how the project is tracking. They also create reports to track the time and budget statuses over the fiscal year. The City monitors their KPIs on a variety of cadences, updating both quantitative and qualitative data.  

The City of Coral Springs currently has over 40 users across 16 departments that are providing updates to their strategy at least once a month. With their KPIs and projects in one place, they can easily create custom reports to share with all levels of individuals and teams throughout the organization.  

The City of Coral Springs also utilizes ClearPoint’s Public-Facing Community Dashboard to provide current information in a responsive website for residents of the city. Below you can see the 5 goals that the city is working towards.

As seen in this image, the City has laid out the different key intended outcomes and performance indicators that they are measuring, and whether they are on track. Residents can click on these to get more data such as graphs, charts, and detailed descriptions.  

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Another organization in Florida that has been partnered with ClearPoint since 2016 is The Florida Department of Environmental Protection. When the agency came to ClearPoint, they were looking for a tool to track key performance indicators and objectives across the statewide agency. Each division and office within the department had a separate area to use for tracking metrics. The metrics can now be reported separately or easily combined with other divisions across the entire department for reporting purposes. FDEP is currently tracking projects associated with various grants they award in the tool and are tying that to their organizational strategy. Additionally, reports from ClearPoint are sent to the FDEP Secretary’s Office detailing various key initiatives.

ClearPoint’s flexibility has allowed FDEP to bring other departments and functions into the software. FDEP’s Bureau of Design Construction uses ClearPoint to track all construction projects in all state parks, and the permitting team is leveraging ClearPoint’s project management functionality as well. Within Recreation and Parks, the Interpretive Services group is using ClearPoint for project tracking and beginning to roll more processes into the tool. FDEP has several dashboards and other summary reports they employ to bring their data, projects, and insights to life.


These are just a few ways your Florida neighbors may be using ClearPoint to drive performance improvements in their local governments. By tracking your strategic goals and data in real time, local governments can identify areas where they are excelling and where improvements are needed. This information can then be used to make data-driven decisions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public services.

Interested in seeing how your City/County could benefit from ClearPoint? Book a demo today to see the software in action!

Community Dashboard Design Template
Download: Community Dashboard Design Template
State Spotlight: Florida

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