Inspire your community to get on board with your strategy.

ClearPoint’s government strategy reporting software makes managing your strategic plan and tracking performance easy.

Centralize your data so you can monitor your progress, achieve your goals, and keep your community engaged with your strategic plan.

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Increase transparency.

Keep your key stakeholders in the loop about strategic plan progress.

  • For your citizens: Build public-facing dashboards with updates on progress toward strategic goals.
  • For your leadership: Create custom reports to support data-driven decision-making.
  • For your co-workers: Communicate how work across the organization aligns with your mission, and how each department contributes toward overall goals.

Share, learn, and implement best practices.

Collaborate and benchmark with peers to inform your strategy.

  • Share performance data with peer communities.
  • Build benchmarks, and embed data from other organizations in your live charts.
  • Collaborate on best practices by attending in-person and online events.
  • Join a knowledgeable community of government performance management professionals who face similar local government challenges.
When I first joined the City of Germantown, our performance management process was done through Excel. Adding the ClearPoint Software and team to our performance management process really put us over the top and helped us become a National Baldrige award recipient. Not only did the process become faster and more efficient, but through the ClearPoint public facing dashboard, we are able to deploy the City’s performance measurement results to our citizens and visitors.

De’Kisha Fondon

Budget and Performance Analyst, City of Germantown, TN

Link budgets and projects to strategy.

Align your spending with your strategic goals.

  • Share budget data across your departments to determine the feasibility of new initiatives.
  • Demonstrate how projects support strategic objectives so you can always get the funding you need.
  • Track your results in one place, and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Supercharge your Baldrige application by centralizing and reporting on key strategic data.

What Makes ClearPoint the Best Government Strategy Reporting Software Solution?

  • ClearPoint connects you with performance management peers so that you can learn and share best practices.
  • ClearPoint makes it easy to collect data from across your local government departments with automation and accountability.
  • ClearPoint enables data sharing and benchmarking with the Measure Library, Community Dashboards and Peer-to-Peer Sharing.
  • ClearPoint is built and supported by award-winning performance management experts (who know a thing or two about local government strategy and government performance management software).
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