Elevate your strategy execution with user-friendly reporting tools

Create reports for every department across your organization. Customize the look and feel, styling, and content to match what your different audiences need.


Completely customized reports for all audiences

Don’t let software restrict your reporting, leverage ClearPoint to design reports that your leadership will love and look forward to receiving.

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Implement your Organizational branding that highlights key components of your reports.

Summary Reports

Create any fields and filter on them to summarize the parts of the strategy that you want to focus on.

Detail Pages

Customize each element to show the information that will allow you to make decisions faster and easier.

"Embrace the technology! I love that everything is in one place to view metrics, initiatives, project management and more!"

Michelle S.

Independent consultant

Free your strategy to live in multiple places

Keep your strategy at your fingertips. It should live
in all parts of your organization, including visibility on
your website, reporting for various leadership teams,
and staying connected through MS Teams.

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Briefing Books

Export multiple reports, custom to each audience.

Public Dashboards

Share your strategy with your constituencies to show how you are executing.

Embedded Charts

Put charts on dashboards or sites you have already created.

"ClearPoint makes managing our Strategic Plan very easy, and tying performance measures and action items to our tactical actions is fantastic."

Jeff M.

Deputy Technology & Innovation Director

Save time by scheduling your reports to run automatically

Managing your software should not take more time than managing your strategy. With ClearPoint, you can automate many of your key processes to save time.

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Gathering analysis can be time consuming, let ClearPoint manage the process for you.


Send your board report and your project report to different audiences (on your schedule).


Update your public facing or internal dashboard on your schedule.