Strategy Execution with Carilion Clinic

Customer Interview Webinar

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Join Darren Eversole, Director of Finance at Carilion, and Ted Jackson, ClearPoint Strategy Co-Founder, for our Strategy Execution with Carilion Clinic Webinar.

Tune in for a candid interview, where he will share his organization's best practices and provide details on how he set up a reporting system for his 200 medical units. With so many moving parts, effective performance management is an integral part of their organization.

This guided tour of Carilion's high-performing performance management system will include: the different categories of scorecards they use, the logic that guides their annual planning and updating process, how they narrowed the key metrics focused on from 70 to just 7, and more.

During this Strategy Execution with Carilion Clinic Webinar, you can find lessons learned and key insights to advance performance management at your organization - in just 30 minutes!

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We hope you’ve found this interview informative and our subject matter experts.

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