Leveraging AI in Strategy Development and Execution

Watch to explore the nuanced balance between leveraging AI and steering your own strategy, with the power of ClearPoint.

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TOF - Top of Funnel

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a strategic tool, highlighting how organizations can maintain control over their goals while maximizing the efficiency of strategy development and execution.

As part of LBL Strategies' "AI Community of Interest" webinar series, Ted Jackson, Managing Partner of ClearPoint Strategy, delves into the game-changing ability of AI to draft strategies using any strategic framework, and demonstrates how this works within ClearPoint.

By leveraging AI, we unlock the capability to swiftly identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and formulate project plans for seamless strategy implementation. The integration of AI aids in data analysis at the measure level. AI can also summarize information at the goal level and facilitate the creation of a strategy summary at the scorecard or department level.