Leveraging AI for a Strategy Reboot: A ClearPoint Strategy Overview

See AI Applications that accelerate results.
Leveraging AI for a Strategy Reboot: A ClearPoint Strategy Overview
See AI Applications that accelerate results.

Today's rapidly changing business environment demands innovative and agile approaches. In ClearPoint Strategy's exclusive thought leadership webinar, co-hosts Ted Jackson and Ryan Wherrity give insight into how organizations can optimize strategies using artificial intelligence, outlined by the ClearPoint Strategy Success Framework (shown below).

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AI in Strategy Groundwork

Before embarking on the AI journey, the importance of groundwork cannot be stressed enough. This is about laying the foundation, adhering to best practices, and then leveraging AI to give your strategic planning that much-needed edge.

Organize Strategy

AI aids in strategic planning by exploring different frameworks and acting as a research tool for generating ideas.

ClearPoint software features several AI Assistants for common strategy frameworks. These digital companions simplify the process, ensuring strategy is aligned and actionable.

Align Organization

Alignment is the glue that holds your strategy together. An AI system can seamlessly align various departments and roles, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. It can also align organizational goals with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), which are pivotal in providing accountability and measuring performance.

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Demonstrating AI in Strategy Execution

Manage Projects

AI has the capability to break down projects into bite-sized tasks. For a 3-month project, AI can segment it into 2-week components, suggesting milestones and tasks, thus ensuring efficient project management. AI tools can assist in brainstorming measures and tracking progress for projects, as well.

Simplify Execution

Through real-world case studies, it's evident how AI is revolutionizing businesses:

AB InBev

As the world's largest brewery, AB InBev uses AI for enhancements to ensure operational excellence by:

  • Optimizing the supply chain by forecasting demand
  • Predicting traffic patterns and identifying optimal delivery routes/sequences of delivery
  • Monitoring and controlling the quality of products

Sephora, the global cosmetics and beauty brand, integrates AI to enhance customer intimacy. They craft a tailored experience by:

  • Allowing customers to virtually try on products with the Virtual Artist App
  • Answering questions and making recommendations with chatbots on the website and mobile app
  • Using analysis to forecast trends, manage inventory, and launch targeted promotions

Communicate Results

By merely copy-pasting data into tools like ChatGPT, you can get a comprehensive understanding, an efficient analysis (whether the data is simple or complex), and rapid insights on data, saving valuable time.

ClearPoint software ensures that leadership teams receive concise and valuable insights through executive summaries, highlighting off-track items and providing comprehensive analyses.

Become AI-savvy with these 8 handy pro-tips


The integration of AI in strategic planning and execution isn't just a trend but, a necessity. Leveraging tools like ClearPoint software can be the game-changer businesses are looking for, ensuring they stay ahead in this competitive era.

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8 Steps to Optimize Your Strategy with AI
8 Steps to Optimize Your Strategy with AI
Leveraging AI for a Strategy Reboot: A ClearPoint Strategy Overview

Ryan Wherrity

Senior Account Executive, Team Lead & Smash Burger Specialist

Ryan serves as a "player-coach" on ClearPoint's sales team, managing major accounts while also overseeing his fellow Account Executives' efforts.

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