ClearPoint AI

Manage your strategy, from start to finish, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. ClearPoint’s AI tools provide real-time, actionable information and insights, allowing users to create fully optimized strategic plans and OKRs - in a matter of minutes.

OKR Assistant

Build your OKRs
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For most people, the process of creating OKRs can be time-consuming and difficult. With the ClearPoint AI Assistant, an interview-driven process will create powerful OKRs, customized to your specific goals.

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Analyze your organization's data, identify key areas for improvement, and suggest actionable goals.


Receive real-time progress updates, monitor your team's performance and adjust your goals accordingly.


Save time and money, while increasing your team's productivity and efficiency.

“ClearPoint provides the foundation as we continue to evolve and advance the way we track and communicate strategy across our organization and to our community."

Ryan L.

Business practice leader
Strategic Plans & Frameworks

Understand your current market position, optimize your future strategies.

Generate AI-powered scorecards and reports - quickly and accurately. With ClearPoint AI, the busywork disappears, so you can invest time where it matters.

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Framework Builder

Leverage any of 10+ frameworks to build your strategic plan quickly, customized based on your industry and key challenges.

My ClearPoint

Strategic plans are automatically loaded into ClearPoint, allowing you to manage your strategy and monitor progress.


Delegate more manpower to the complex, creative, and analytical tasks, helping to improve the overall quality of your strategic plan.

“Great product and team to work with. The system is easy to manipulate, there hasn't been anything that we couldn't do so far."

Rob S.

Mid-market strategist
Strategy Updates

AI-Driven Analysis & Recommendations

Let ClearPoint's AI Assistant analyze your chart data, summarize your linked elements, or provide real-time recommendations, customized to your industry and strategy objectives.

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Expedite data analysis and find key insights. Transform large amounts of information into data-driven decisions.


ClearPoint's AI Assistant provides real-time insights, tailored to your specific goals.


Keep strategy at your fingertips, with ClearPoint's Teams integration. Check progress and find insights from your desktop or mobile device.