COVID-19 Dashboard (External)

COVID-19 dashboards offers constituents the opportunity to gain insight into what is happening in their community, find resources, and find opportunities to get involved.

As members of our own communities, we have been interested in seeing the data trends in our area and what our government is doing to see us through the pandemic. Turns out, a lot of our local government clients are trying to share information with their constituents as well, but not always in the most data-centric or organized way. By taking the best practices from what our clients are doing, we have developed an example of a public-facing COVID-19 dashboard that local governments can leverage in their own way.

What We are Experiencing

The first question on most people’s minds is – how is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting my community? Pick and choose which data to share and via which visualization to answer this question right off the bat. From health data to economic data and so much more, you can track and display it in ClearPoint.

Supplies Available

Charts showing COVID-19 supplies available

Once your constituents know what is happening in their community, they’ll want to know what the community has to work with to support the fight against the virus. Using a variety of visualizations, you can show them what your agency is working with. Similar to the above, you can pick and choose which data and visuals to share.

What We're Doing

List of COVID-19 projects

Finally, now that your community members understand what is happening in the community and what your agency is working with, they will want to know what you’re doing to help see them through. Using ClearPoint, you can showcase your work and provide some context to help them see how you are supporting them and, perhaps, what they can do to get involved. As always, you control the narrative by determining what people can or cannot see and let ClearPoint do the rest.

Key Features

  • Links to more information including any forms or other organizations looking for help.

More often than not, communities are sharing a variety of resources with their community members to support them during this time. From daily video briefings from local government leaders to links to file for unemployment, you can provide a growing list of resources via hyperlink right on your dashboard. Describe the resources how you wish and let the community members click on what matter most to them.

  • Branding to match your organization’s website and other PR materials.

Since ClearPoint’s HTML Exports enable your agency to submit live updates to your public-facing dashboard, you will want to add branding to it so that your community members know they are in the right place. In ClearPoint, you can customize your colors and even add your logo to make the report yours.

  • Data that is always up to date.

Have new information to share with your community? Make your changes in ClearPoint and press the “go” button! Your HTML export will be updated and available for viewing by your community members right away. Want to skip the middleman? Schedule your updates to occur at your preferred pace.

Intended Audience

This dashboard is intended for constituents, community members, and other relevant stakeholders. It could be published by a city, county, or state agency.