IT Dashboard Template

IT Dashboard Templates offer an at-a-glance view of the performance of IT departments and systems.

IT Dashboard Templates compile information on IT metrics such as uptime, percent of tickets closed, and issues still in need of resolution. These dashboards help IT teams and managers track incoming issues and also evaluate their performance over time. By offering a cohesive framework for IT teams to track their goals, measures, and projects, these IT dashboards help teams achieve their objectives and help organizations run more smoothly as a result.

Gauge Charts

In this IT Dashboard Template from ClearPoint, gauge charts provide a visual display of percent uptime and the percent of tickets addressed within 24 hours; these colorful gauges make it easy to assess current operating status at a glance.

Key Objectives

Also included in this example are the key objectives around improving security and accessibility and assisting users that shape the IT department's mission. These objectives are linked to the initiatives the team will undertake to achieve these goals. Owners are clearly defined in these reports to make it easy for individuals on the IT team to identify and act upon next steps.

List of Tickets in Queue

Finally, this IT Dashboard Template also includes a listing of the tickets currently in queue for the IT team to address. By including a queue of incoming tickets on the dashboard, this dashboard makes it easy for the IT team to keep user-identified concerns top of mind.

Key Elements for IT Dashboard Templates:

  • Visualization of key IT performance metrics

Visualization of key IT performance metrics allows an IT team to quickly recognize where it excels, where it falls short, and, in an industry that is constantly innovating, processes that it can make more efficient.

  • Display of key IT goals and initiatives

Objectives make up the centerpiece of what IT departments are looking to achieve, and initiatives show how they are going to get there. Through showing objectives, initiatives, and assigning accountability of initiatives, an IT department can ensure they are meeting important objectives such as improving security and accessibility.

  • Depiction of user tickets currently in queue to be addressed

A queue of user tickets on an IT dashboard keeps your organization customer-centered. By doing this, they are prioritizing their users’ needs and wants. This enables IT departments to make important strategic decisions such as new features to include in upcoming releases of software. It is critical that IT departments are always considering their users when they make important decisions.

Intended Audience

This dashboard is intended to be viewed by an IT team in any organization. It provides an IT team with insights on processes they can improve upon, as well as motivation to meet objectives to help their organization, and clients, reach goals.