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and align your organizational strategy.

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Strategic planning for educational administrators just got easier.

Crafting a Balanced Scorecard for a school is important—but clearly communicating that strategy, handling jumbled management meetings, and engaging the academic community can be a sizable challenge. Enter ClearPoint’s education scorecard, which allows you to manage your strategic plan with ease, implement it across all scholastic and operational departments, and communicate progress to everyone involved.

Build reports quickly and easily with ClearPoint.

Cascading Scorecards

By creating cascading Balanced Scorecards, schools of all sizes can connect their various lines of business and operational metrics to their strategic plan.

Calculated Fields

ClearPoint’s flexible software has the ability to pull data from one area of the account to another, thus increasing interdepartmental communication and eliminating the need for double data entry.

Publishing Tool

Communicate your most important metrics and initiatives to professors, employees, students, or the community with ClearPoint’s publishing feature.

Project Management

Tracking and distributing strategic initiatives, timelines, and budgets is easier than ever thanks to ClearPoint.

Educational institutions around the world manage their strategy with ClearPoint.

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“I don’t think we would have made as much progress or any progress with this [new operations strategy process] without your technology.” Los Angeles Unified School District