State Spotlight: Tennessee

See how ClearPoint streamlines operations and improves communities in Tennessee.
State Spotlight: Tennessee
See how ClearPoint streamlines operations and improves communities in Tennessee.

Tennessee, known as the Volunteer State, is a land that sings with history and echoes with the promise of tomorrow. Enveloped in the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains and the grandeur of the Mississippi River, Tennessee thrives with cultural diversity and economic dynamism. Home to bustling cities like Nashville, Memphis, and Chattanooga, it offers a blend of southern charm and urban sophistication, all underpinned by a robust system of local government seeking to fuel progress and development through strategic execution.

Enter ClearPoint Strategy, a revolutionary software that is transforming the way local governments in Tennessee execute their strategies. Designed to facilitate streamlined planning, management, and reporting of strategic, operational, and performance data, ClearPoint enables local governments to track their strategic initiatives effectively, measure progress in real-time, and adjust their direction as necessary. It serves as the technological bridge, connecting strategy to execution, and ensuring that all aspects of governance are geared towards the fulfillment of set objectives.

ClearPoint software makes it possible for Tennessee's local governments to ensure public funds are used efficiently and effectively. It provides the necessary visibility into each government initiative, fostering accountability, and enhancing public trust. Through this advanced solution, governments are equipped with a robust tool to navigate the complex terrain of public service, balancing competing demands and limited resources while maintaining a steadfast commitment to delivering on their promises to the people of the state.

In essence, ClearPoint is not just a technological tool, but a catalyst for transformative governance, helping Tennessee's governments turn strategic plans into successful outcomes for their communities. Below, we will explore how ClearPoint customers in Tennessee leverage the platform to better serve their communities.

City of Germantown

The City of Germantown, TN, a suburb of Memphis, developed a strategic plan titled Forward 2030. Led by their City Manager, a steering committee took input from citizens, stakeholders, and staff to create nine key performance areas over a twelve-month period. Within each area, they created objectives, key performance indicators, and action plans. The city knew they wanted to share their progress online with citizens, and that they would need a tool to track the plan internally.  

The city wanted to move quickly to have a community dashboard and internal system live in one month. The ClearPoint Team worked with the city to structure all the information inside the platform. There would be scorecards for each key performance area as well as all departments. Meanwhile, the dashboarding process began for a design to be approved and for information to be synced once the account setup was complete. Within one month, both systems went live and ClearPoint staff trained all the appropriate city personnel.

Now, the city makes updates quarterly in ClearPoint to measures and action plans. In addition, the city tracks monthly financials across departments and citywide Capital Improvement Projects. These updates can be viewed on their public-facing online dashboard, which leverages the ClearPoint API to provide current information in a responsive website for city residents.

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City of Bartlett

Bartlett, Tennessee, a city with deep historical roots and a vibrant community, has always been committed to developing strategic initiatives to enhance the quality of life for residents. The city administration prides itself on being forward-thinking and innovative, demonstrating a persistent commitment to strategic planning and data-driven decision-making.  

In recent years, Bartlett's local government has leveraged ClearPoint software to support strategic planning, performance analytics, and transparent reporting. The software was primarily chosen to develop a dynamic and actionable strategic plan, with an emphasis on regular reporting, thereby transcending the traditional practice of simply formulating plans and putting them on the shelf.

In addition to its emphasis on active strategic planning, the Bartlett administration also sought to consolidate their data. With information coming from multiple sources, there was a clear need for a singular, accessible location for all critical data. The implementation of ClearPoint has allowed the city to centralize its data, facilitating ease of access and data coherence, while simultaneously reducing errors and inefficiencies that emerged from managing information across numerous platforms.

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Transparency is another key factor that Bartlett's local government is deeply committed to. Currently in the midst of the buildout of their Community Dashboard, Bartlett has made strides in promoting public access to city data and operations. This level of transparency not only invites community engagement, but also promotes accountability, as residents can easily access information about city initiatives, projects, and performance indicators.

The integration of ClearPoint has significantly transformed the way Bartlett's local government operates. By fostering a culture of active strategic planning, data consolidation, and transparency, Bartlett stands as a clear example of how technology can drive meaningful improvements in local governance.

In short, ClearPoint's Tennessee partners are pioneering a new era of local government strategy execution. The technological tool has fundamentally altered the landscape of governance, turning strategic plans into measurable, achievable objectives, and fostering an environment of accountability and transparency. As demonstrated by the City of Germantown's Forward 2030 strategic plan and the City of Bartlett's commitment to data-driven decision-making, ClearPoint software has become instrumental in streamlining government operations and improving community outcomes. By adopting this forward-thinking tool, Tennessee's local governments have not only enhanced the effectiveness and efficiency of their public service, but have also strengthened the bond of trust with the residents they serve. ClearPoint, in essence, embodies the promise of tomorrow for Tennessee - a future of strategic execution, accountability, and sustained progress in local governance.

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State Spotlight: Tennessee

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